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How can I tell my cat that I am his boss and he needs to obey me? — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t want to be the boss of anything. I may have trained my cats though repetition and by providing them with the things they need to be less destructive but that is mutually beneficial.
    Much like horses you have to establish actual communication not just domination. Though one is prey with a highly developed flight instinct and the other is a top predator I continue to marvel at the similarities used to achieve cooperation.

  2. If we pay attention to what cats have to say to each other, then they tell us what they need. We know what cats need to function well, be sated by life, replete. The right environment, behaviour from human and cat that meshes more than clashes.

    Humans please lose the notion of punishment, it teaches one thing, fear of more. No understanding. Only escalated fear behaviour.

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