Wagging tails – cats versus dogs. An infographic with a mini-video

Cats versus dogs on tail wagging

RELATED: How many tail-signals does a domestic cat make? The infographic and mini-video is deliberately kept succinct and to the point despite which the information is accurate and covers the essentials. Dogs are tail waggers while cats are not really. Dogs indicate happiness with tail wagging while cats indicate the same emotion with the …

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Tiger size compared to a dog

Tiger height versus medium dog

The title is a bit vague because it neither specifies the species of tiger nor the species of dog. The Bengal tiger is the most common and a decent average. It is the species that we think of when we think of tigers. I’ve compared the Bengal tiger with a medium-sized dog (Springer Spaniel) …

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What’s faster: greyhound or cheetah?

Cheetah versus greyhound speed

The question asks if the top speed of the greyhound is faster than that of the cheetah or vice versa. Therefore, I’m not going to go into a long discussion about the endurance and acceleration of these two animals (but see below). I’m simply going to set down for the record what I think …

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How do cats show dominance?

Feline dominance hierarchy

Both the behaviour of the dominant cat as well as that of the submissive cat are discussed here. There are two sides to this form of feline behaviour. Dominant cats will block the movement of subordinate cats. Sometimes they will replace or supersede the movements of the submissive cat. The dominant cat might bat …

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Cats and dogs living together – due diligence, tips and tricks

Cats and dogs together are great to see

Clearly, there are millions of households in which cats and dogs live together harmoniously. As we all know it is down to socialisation and good caregiving. Although dogs naturally treat cats as a prey animal, if they are socialised to cats it completely subsumes that natural instinct to the point where they become friends. …

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Cats vs dogs – it’s a draw as expected

Cats versus dogs

You know in a general contest of this sort I might say that cats win but that would be stupid. There are no winners. There are just differences. The New Scientist (NS) conducted a comprehensive analysis. Their research indicates that dogs are better. But of course, people will be divided. Cats are better than …

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Mouth bacteria? This dog’s mouth bacteria were far more devastating than any cat’s

Ted the Akita who killed two men with a bite to both

The domestic cat is disappointingly known sometimes as an animal with dangerous mouth bacteria. Humans have mouth bacteria too which is probably as dangerous as the bacteria found in the mouths of cats but we never mention human mouth bacteria. By contrast cats get a bad reputation because when they bite somebody it’s a …

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