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How do cats take it when they meow at you and then you respond by copying them and meowing back? — 8 Comments

  1. Cats have an amazing array of sounds. Learning the sound a mother cats makes when she calls her babies is helpful. Frog and Toad will come running. I’ve also had it work on feral cats who I wasn’t sure were there for food.
    All animals have a complex language of their own plus they manage to pick up lots of our words.

    • Thanks and yes although I am not sure about cats ‘picking up lot of our words’. Cats will understand the meaning of the sounds of the words we make sometimes. That’s my assessment.

  2. I don’t understand any of that, or why people tend to make things more complicated than they have to. I’ll just paste what I wrote on Facebook in response to the question.
    It seems to me that they take it better than human words. It’s more or less an acknowledgement that you’re trying to think like they think by sounding like they sound… that you’re in the same world. I think it’s more of an exchange of feelings about the moment, not thoughts. It’s the same as when you get down on their level – you’re not exchanging a lot of information, but they appreciate the effort, and it’s not known how much information they glean from words anyway, though it is more. Now I’ll see what the prevailing wisdom is on this.

      • Albert I am not sure what you mean but your comments are very valuable to me. They are always excellent. At the moment I am busy trying to bash out more than the usual number of articles to build on the success of one done Elisa about the animal shelter worker Stacey Radin who ended her life. That page received 65,000 views and boosted the site. It is hard to keep the site up there challenging the big boys who have many people working for the website. Hope u are well.

  3. I think that making almost any sound to your cat assures them that you are paying attention to them in a caring way. Interestingly when I make the usual chee chee, or choo choo, or meowing sound to them they don’t pay much attention at all, But when I start talking to a cat the others very quickly forget what they are doing and run to me from all directions. Perhaps (more than perhaps) they do not identify those silly sounds as specific to me but rather to other cats. Other cats are not interesting to them because they provide no food, no nowt, actually. My normal talking voice is specific to me and I am the one that provides everything they need. I have seen that cats do not meow to other cats but only to their kittens and their owners, and in each case in a specific and different way. A meow from their kittens or their owner will only confuse them because that is the opposite of what they understand. They meow to their kittens and their owner, not the other way round. The chee chee or choo choo sound we make is an approximation to the sound that kittens make, but those sounds mean nothing to a post lactation female or an adult male. Just talk normally to your cats.

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