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How do you prove that a cat is the world’s oldest? — 6 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t even be able to guess Missan’s age based on these two pictures that look more like paintings than photos to me. I searched around and couldn’t find any others anywhere.
    Since I don’t find the pics to be very realistic, I tend to find the claim about Missan’s age suspicious.
    In my opinion, a cat even half of Missan’s age should have more white facial fur than what I’m seeing. I would, also, expect to see quite a bit of muscle mass loss and not the robust form in the pic.

    • Nice point about muscle mass loss. Definitely correct Dee. Very old cats become quite frail just like people. Almost anyone can claim that their cat is 29 years old. I don’t see that this Guinness record is viable. It should be dropped like the world’s fattest or smallest cats (I believe this has been dropped too).

      • Vet records would be good as independent proof of age for most cats. Especially in the case of people whose cats were neutered/spayed or vaccinated as kittens.

        Missan looks remarkably well for 30. I agree with Dee’s comments regarding the lack of grey facial hairs and muscle mass. My own cats have tended to develop grey hairs in the muzzle area when they were around 15. Their coats thin out too. Keeping weight on an older cat isn’t easy as they’re often suffering chronic health problems such as kidney disease, heart conditions etc. The eyes seem to dull with age and sometime cats develop brown freckle like flecks or the iris looks slightly mottled.

        • Yes, I agree Michele vet’s records would be decent way of getting somewhere near the age provided the cat was neutered and/or vaccinated. This is not bad but it does leave the door open to misrepresentations because a percentage of cats are not neutered or vaccinated. Or perhaps the cat is a rescue cat with incomplete medical records. Perhaps Guinness WR demand sound third party evidence before awarding the title. Thanks for this and I have made a small amendment to the post to include it.

  2. Honestly, looking at the photo’s doesn’t seem that “MISSAN” is a 30 year old cat as she looks much younger. But then, don’t some of us humans defy time and age through cosmetic surgery, healthy living habits and wealth !Seeing the pop singer Madonna no one would believe she is in her late 50’s.Getting back to the topic of cats it seems it would be difficult to accurately judge the age unless modern scientific methods like “bone Density” are used as in humans.If 30 years of age then “Missan” is a poster for health longevity and good looks, rare in cats as well as humans.

    • I’d bet that Missan is genuinely almost 30 but I’d also bet that Guinness World Records get some fraudulent claims. In the era of the celebrity cat it would be a good money spinner to have the world’s oldest cat. You can see the motivation.

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