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What is a cat with extra toes called answer polydactyl cat

What is a cat with extra toes called?

The answer is in the illustration: polydactyl cat. As you see it is quite a popular search term on Google. So what is the origin of the word ‘polydactyl’? Well, you probably know that...

Himmy - the heaviest domestic cat on record

Heaviest domestic cat on record

It appears that no domestic cat has beaten Himmy as the heaviest domestic cat on record. Dr Desmond Morris discusses this topic in his book Cat World published in 1996 and at that time...

The oldest Siamese cat

The Oldest Siamese Cat

The oldest Siamese cat was Scooter who lived to 30-years-of-age. He lived in Texas with Gail between March 26, 1986 – April 8, 2016. An English Siamese died at 31 (1989).

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