How many cats does Natalya have?

Through her Twitter account, I have asked Natalya (Nattie) how many cats she has but at the time of writing this I have not received a response.

Nattie Twitter account question
Nattie Twitter account question
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Nattie's cats
Nattie’s cats. Instagram account.

On her Instagram account there are many pictures of herself, her husband who loves cats too, her cats and her children, mainly taken inside her home. In one photograph (see above) there are five cats. It seems to me that four of the cat are pointed Persian (Himalayan) cats. I think her primary cat, if I can call her or him that, is a lynx point Himalayan cat called 2pawz. The remaining cat appears to be a black cat and I can’t tell from the photograph whether the cat is purebred or random bred. My guess is that the black cat is purebred and a Bombay cat.

Nattie and 2pawz
Nattie and 2pawz. Photo: Nattie’s Instagram account

It appears that Natalya prefers purebred cats and particularly the Persian cat appearance. You might know that Himalayan cats are long-haired Persians.

I cannot be sure how many cats she has but as stated the maximum number that I’ve seen is five. There may be more. Also, not all of these cats may belong to her but I sense very strongly that they do because of the nature of the photograph and because of the breed of cat that they are.

I will conclude therefore by stating that I believe that Nattie has five cats, four of which are Himalayans.

Flame pointed Himalyan kitten
Flame pointed Himalyan kitten at Nattie’s home. Photo: Nattie.

I am guessing but I think that the breeder from whom she adopted the cats supplied her with another Himalyan of the same coat type (as a kitten) but in fact a flame pointed cat which are red points – see picture above. Nattie clearly likes the pointed coat (dark extremities).

Note: Natalya (Nattie) is a well liked wrestler with WWE in the USA. I don’t know if she has retired but she has been in the business for around 19 years. She is described as ‘technically gifted’.

Here is the photo above on her Twitter account:

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