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  1. My newest cat Lucky I think is either part Bombaby or part Asian shorthair. He’s solid black with the exception of a little white near his groin in the shape of a triangle that is noticable when he’s laying down on his side, and a very not so noticable tuft of white on his chest. You have to be really looking for that little bit of white. His fur is very soft and silky. His eyes are a very pretty yellow gold color.

    His personality is very loving. He loves to talk to people, and will start purring the second you start petting him. He plays fetch with the humans, and tag with the cats. He also has an odd fasciantion with water, and will try to jump in the bathwater when we’re filling the tub to take a bath. The other cats in the house will play with him and groom him when he starts annoying them.

      • I’m seriously leaning towards it, since his profile looks like a Burmese. He’s more slender and not as stocky though, so he’s got to have some other short hair breed in him. When he was little, his ears looked like bat ears on him and his tail was twice as long as his body. He’s now grown into his ears and tail. I will try to get a picture for you, but as you’ve stated pictures of black cats are hard to take.

  2. Our beloved cat Pepper we have always thought is largely Bombay, and this article confirms that believe. Two things do stand out: he almost never talks, when he does it is in a very tiny voice; and he is far above the weight norm mentioned, being about sixteen pounds and not overweight, just a big cat.

  3. Hi, I have been trying for about 3 years to figure out my cats actual breed. The humane society we adopted him from wasn’t sure what breed so they told us that he will be known as a domestic short hair. My cat bongo seems to have a lot of the same characteristics of a Bombay, but he is bicolor he mostly black except for some the face, neck, and belly. Is it possible for Bombay cats to be bicolor?

  4. Except for the drawing at the base of the page they are all real! There are some drawings of cats on this site but not many. All the best pictures are by Helmi Flick a professional cat photographer and a well known person in the cat fancy.

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