How many cats does Piper Rockelle have?

Piper Rockelle and her mother run a cat rescue which has taken in over a hundred cats. Fantastic. I’m in love with them already. Only she is nine years of age apparently. She is a very confident young lady. She is a child star in a modern way. She presents videos on YouTube which get hundreds of thousands of views and her channel has 68,000 subscribers. She is a sensation on a website which I don’t know anything about called This is a smart phone app. She has three million fans and a verified crowned status. Wow….I am impressed.

I’ve not really answered the question in the title. Her mother runs a cat rescue which is great but those cats don’t belong to her mother or Piper. They are going to be rehomed after they’ve been rescued. Therefore how many cats does Piper Rockelle have? Well I’m going to have guess because she does not have a Wikipedia page which I am a bit surprised about and there is a dearth of information about the number of cats she has.

You could say she has none! Because a nine-year-old girl does not normally own cats. Her mother does. Well actually no one owns cats. They possess them with the cat’s agreement. But Piper I’m sure looks after them with her mother. They probably have more than one cat of their own other than the rescue cats in their home. Let’s guess and say three.

The video below shows one cat (a tortie) walking across her while she presents in her inimitable, high-energy, highly enthusiastic, erudite and charming way. I will guess and say the cat in the video (screenshot above) is one of the family cats and not one of the rescue cats. I’d think there is more than one. You can hear Piper whispering to her cat at the beginning of the video. Cute.

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