How to say and use the word “feline”

This is how you say the word ‘feline’. I’ve also added some sentences including the word so you can see how it is used in a sentence. People rarely use the word ‘feline’. It is interchangeable with the word ‘cat’ but the use of the word ‘feline’ is more elegant sometimes. It is an elegant word and it describes elegant cat-like movements. It can be both an adjective and a noun. Adjective: ‘a feline creature’. Noun: ‘a beautiful feline’.

How to say and use the word 'feline'
How to say and use the word ‘feline’. Image: MikeB
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Perhaps the most common usage of the word is as follows: ‘feline movements’ or ‘feline movement’. A classic sentence would be: “She moved with feline grace”. Or “Felines are such graceful creatures”. The introduction of the word ‘feline’ into a sentence makes it more elegant and it gives the impression the writer is more intelligent 😕 But don’t use it for that reason! But if, as a student, you want to add a little bit of classiness to your essay try popping it in once or twice. It will brighten up the page and impress your teacher (maybe!).

It is a word that is also used much more in scientific documents and medicine. For example: ‘feline idiopathic cystitis’ or ‘feline acne’.

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