Difference between losing your cat through theft, robbery or burglary

The burglary, theft and robbery of a cat described and explained

In the context of the theft of your cat, there are three different types of stealing: plain stealing i.e. theft, robbery and burglary. What’s the difference between them? It’s quite useful to know because there’s lots of thievery occurring in Great Britain today not infrequently of dogs and cats. Stealing/theft: in essence, this is …

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‘Dead cat strategy’ needs to be discarded

Dead cat strategy

The unfortunate and unpleasant phrase used in government and business ‘dead cat strategy’ needs to be discarded and never used again. Currently, in the UK, there is an enquiry into how the UK government dealt with the Covid-19 crisis (very badly by all accounts). It will cost a staggering £200m! What a waste of …

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Maine Coon is described as a ‘natural breed’ but is it?

'Natural breed' is an oxymoron

You see it often: cat show judges and even Wikipedia describing the Maine Coon cat as a “natural breed”. In fact, Wikipedia opens up with the statement that the Maine Coon cat is “one of the oldest natural breeds in North America”. It seems to me that the phrase “natural breed” is an oxymoron, …

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Translate a website into your language (instructions)

Translate websites using google translate

Here’s how to translate a website into your language using Google Translate. It is a bit fiddlier on phones because of the restricted size of the device. But this is pretty straightforward for first-time users. Copy the website’s address by tapping it once. The website’s address is the ‘URL’. It is in the box …

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What is the origin of the Cheshire Cat?

Cheshire cat

In Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland readers encounter a large, grinning cat lying on the hearth. Alice is told that the cat is grinning from ear to ear because they are from Cheshire but there’s no explanation as to why cats from that county in England (see map below) should be predisposed to smiling …

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