Crows can count back numbers through vocalisations (infographic)

Crows can recognise and count back numbers through their vocalisations like 3-year-old kids

This test by Dr Diana Liao confirms yet again that the crow is one of nature’s smartest creatures. The crow can look at a number such as the numeral 4 and confirm to researchers that they recognise the number by making their typical vocalisation, the caw, four times. They were imperfect however which indicated …

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Day off on passing of any pet demanded in France (infographic)

Compassionate leave on passing of any pet demanded in France (infographic)

The French seem to be ahead of most nations in this regard: demanding an extension to statutory paid leave after the death of close relative to compassionate leave on the death of any companion animal but usually a cat or dog. This attitude applies to 68% of the pet owners who participated in this …

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INFOGRAPHIC Agenda-driven research claims women were the primary hunters in hunter-gatherer societies?

Agenda-driven research claims women were the primary hunters in hunter-gatherer societies?

RELATED: Quora deems picture of cat lying on back with legs splayed offensive My infographic summarises a dispute between two professors; one a Professor of Biology (Cara Wall-Scheffler) and the other a Professor of Anthropology (Vivek Venkataraman). Cara claims that in reviewing the accounts of anthropologists from the 1800s it was clear to her …

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Cat-roses and flower-cats


The news today is that gullible eBay shoppers have become the victims of a very clever scam in which some Chinese entrepreneurs have used artificial intelligence image-making technology to create photos of pretty flowers which look like cats! They been advertised on eBay and as you can imagine some people have been taken in …

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I neutered my cat (removal of testicles). Is he transgender?

Young androgynous man and his ginger tabby cat in an old painting

Transgenderism is in the news a lot these days. Being a cat ‘expert’ 😃😎 I considered whether neutering male cats makes them transgender as the operation removes that part of the anatomy which produces testosterone; a hormone which makes a male cat male (see below for more on this). The question in the title …

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Return my emotional support alligator (ESA) and make it snappy pleads his ‘dad’

Wally the emotional support alligator being kissed by Joie Henney. The alligator called Wally was stolen and subsequently trapped and released into the wild.

Pennsylvania, USA: Wally, a 5.5 foot long, 8-year-old alligator was classified as an emotional support animal (ESA) albeit a very unusual ESA. Any animal can be an ESA but they have to be domesticated in order to get along in public places and when meeting people. Wally was domesticated and he has behaved impeccable …

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