Is a Tonkinese cat Patronus rare?

A Tonkinese cat Patronus is not rare because the Tonkinese Patronus is in the top 10 most popular Patronuses according to the Wizarding World website. In fact, there are six breeds of cat in the top 20 Patronuses. And JK Rowling said that “it is usual for a Patronus to take the form of an animal commonly found in the caster’s native country”.

Tonkinese Patronus
Tonkinese Patronus. Image: MikB based on images in the public domain.
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The word “caster” means the wizard who is casting a spell. The spell is a charm made up of light in the form of an animal. In the Harry Potter series, you see the wizards including Harry Potter himself using his magic wand to create this charm in the space in front of him. It creates light which defends the person casting the spell against the darkness of Dementors. It wards off Dementors which suck the life and happiness out of a person.

Fiction (or reality?)

It has to be said that this is all fiction. The Harry Potter series is entirely fictional and the creation of JK Rowling. But the incredibly popular series of books and films has created a kind of parallel universe. It appears that some people actually believe that it is real. This is not unexpected because it appears that JK Rowling-based the idea of a Patronus on the concept of animal spirits which are very real to many people.

Animal spirit guides

Animal spirits are animal spirit guides and they work to empower a person or persons to help them stay in tune with the natural world and offers them guidance and protection to help them overcome fear. Animal spirit guides can imbue a person with strength to cope better in their life’s journey. You can see an overlap between an animal spirit guide and a Patronus which, as mentioned, is in the form of an animal made up of light to ward off the darkness and negativity of Dementors.

That is my understanding of it and I would welcome anybody who is an aficionado of the Harry Potter series to comment on this post and educate me if needed.

Top 20 Patronuses

The top 20 Patronuses are listed below from which you can see that the Tonkinese cat is the second most popular, the Manx cat is the third most popular and the Nebelung cat is the fourth most popular. The black-and-white moggy is ranked ninth, the Siberian cat is ranked 13th and the tortoiseshell is 14th. The Ragdoll cat comes 20th in this list of most popular Patronuses.

  1. Dolphin
  2. Tonkinese Cat
  3. Manx Cat
  4. Nebelung Cat
  5. Fox
  6. St Bernard Dog
  7. Weasel
  8. Bassett Hound
  9. Black And White Cat
  10. Hedgehog
  11. Deerhound
  12. West Highland Terrier
  13. Siberian Cat
  14. Tortoiseshell Cat
  15. White Stallion
  16. White Mare
  17. White Swan
  18. Osprey
  19. Borzoi
  20. Ragdoll Cat

Technical stuff about the cat breed Patronuses

Returning briefly to JK Rowling’s statement that the kind of Patronus which is conjured up is an animal from the country where the person casting the spell comes from, it doesn’t really square up with the fact that five of these cats are cat breeds. They are created by breeders. There’s nothing left normally of the DNA in the created breed that is linked to the original animal and therefore the country of origin. That said the Manx originates in the Isle of Man, the Tonkinese, a hybrid, is an entirely created breed and originates in the USA. The Nebelung also originates in the USA. The Siberian cat as expected comes from Russia and the Ragdoll cat is also American. Accordingly, if a person living on the Isle of Man cast a spell in the style of Harry Potter the Patronus that they create should be a Manx cat as this breed is famous associated with this small island between England and Northern Island.


To complete the post, I have to briefly talk about the Tonkinese cat. This cat breed was once called the Golden Siamese. This is a charming short-haired cat which has a pointed coat and the extremities are in mink, sepia and pointed solid colours. The cat is famous for its mink coat. It is moderate in size and a hybrid of the Siamese and Burmese cats in terms of colouring and appearance. This is a nice moderate looking cat. The person who created the breed in 1950s in New York City, Milan Greer, wanted to produce cats with a rich mahogany body colour and dark points. He started off by crossing seal point Siamese to stable Burmese.

Read more about the Tonkinese.


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