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  3. I owned a Tonkinese cat back in the 1980’s. He was the smartest, sleekest, vain, fastidious most ferocious cat I’ve ever owned. I adored him. He was very dog-like, even hard core “dog men” we’re attracted to him. Tho he was fixed, he could chase away the roughest toms. And balance? NEVER had to worry about any fragile nick backs. He knew how to get out of the house when he wanted by using tricks to get attention. He learned to use the toilet by himself. ( as a kitten he’d watch me. He went everywhere with me). One night my mom forgot to put the litter box inside, so he used the toilet! NO JOKE!!! He would walk with my dad thru the garden and listen to him talk about his roses. ( I’ll always regret the day I moved Mischa,with me, to New Mexico. I took my dad’s pal away from him, and I knew he was attached to Mischa.) He was so playful, kind, intelligent, interesting and people oriented cat I’ve ever owed. I could go on and on about this cat. I can’t say all Tonkinese are so amazing as Mischa was, but if you like or want something like this, try a Tonkinese!

      • If you’re interested in getting one, you’re in for a treat. Just realize they are very social cats and crave attention. I envy you. I’m unable to own a cat right now, and it’s hard to live w/o one. My mom is 94. She’s in good health, but no longer steady on her feet. Unfortunately, cats are known to get underfoot and she can’t have that possibility around.

  4. This is a very attractive cat indeed. And I just have to say, hats off to Ms. Helmi Flick. These are stunning pictures. Yes the subjects are beautiful, but to be able capture their gracefulness in print is truly impressive.

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