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Jackson Galaxy Says Cats Keep Him Alive — 5 Comments

  1. I agree with Michaels’ comments, especially that lions in a pride are friendly to each other, but JG has a point that there are flawed and biased studies that get press over and over that regurgitate folklore and hyperbole as to the evil, stupid or anti-social nature of cats.
    I also agree that while the cat is king on the internet, there nevertheless has been what seems like an increase in animal torture with cats getting the most of it on the ground.

    • I agree Albert. On one hand the cat is king on the internet – the unreal world – and on the other hand there is too much cat abuse and disrespect in the real world, on the ground. That needs to be discussed.

  2. Quick comments. I don’t believe in the spirit world either, and I don’t have to to love and cherish the beauty of life. When an expert in something, A Cat Whisperer in this case, mixes that in with their skills in their profession, I think it’s unnecessary and pandering. I lose respect for people who interject their spiritual beliefs into everything. If you know what you’re talking about, you don’t need to hang that sign around your neck or carry that banner. I’m also not comfortable about pushing a line of holistic elixers and potions… One, or he can believe whatever, but I’d rather not hear about stuff where I have to suspend reality and proof and just have faith.
    I think it’s rather condescending and defeatist to shut down the idea of wondering and discovering what any animal is thinking. Why would any curious or interested person even say such a thing?
    Last, cats and dogs are different kinds of animals suited to different kinds of lifestyles. People should understand them, it’s okay to have a preference that works for you, but broaching the idea that people “should” like them equally is unreasonable and unrealistic and as childish and those who hate one or the other for no good reason, or any petty reason. It’s the “should” and “equally” words that I reject there.
    If I didn’t address something it’s because I didn’t take issue with it.

      • Actually, forgive me but I went back and saw that what JG said was “we cannot try” and “it’s silly” and “we’d be wrong” as to figuring out what cats think. I put that together in my mind as “shouldn’t”. I take even greater issue with these conclusions. I have a fb group where the mission is to discuss only what cats might be thinking: Thinking Outside the Cat Box, so yeah, I’m going to take issue with JG’s comment.

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