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Overweight Jackson

How did Jackson Galaxy lose weight?

Jackson Galaxy lost weight through mental discipline, a commitment to make changes to his lifestyle (a proper diet), a gastric bypass operation and a loving wife who turned him to veganism and exercise. That’s...

Happy cat

How do I know my cat is happy?

The signs that your cat is happy will be subtle. It is easier to ask yourself whether you are happy and whether you have created an environment for your cat which will make her...

10 litter box tips

10 Cat Litter Box Tips

Here are 10 tips regarding cat litter boxes from the celebrated Cat Daddy aka Jackson Galaxy. They are nicely thought out but essentially common sense for most thoughtful cat guardians. There should be one...

Total Cat Mojo

Total Cat Mojo Review

This is my review of Jackson Galaxy’s book Total Cat Mojo. I admire the man. He has a very profound understanding of cat behavior. He has even developed his own language to describe and...

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