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Jaguarundi Sighting Santa Cruz Mountains, California — 4 Comments

  1. i was driving over hacker pass on 9/9/2016 aprox 645/715 pm. i had just passed the madonna in heading into Wastsonville. as i turned the blind curve this small cat with a long tail was crossing from the mt side of the road to cross to the Watsonville down hill side. when i completed the curve it turned and ran back up the steep hill and ran into the bushes. at first i thought it was a young mt lion. i looked up the jaguarundi and this is what i saw. michael

      • Michael again with what I think to be another sighting. this morning 8/8/18
        on old santa cruz highway ( my morning commute from Capitola)at melody on the lexington or northbound side at 5:15 am. It was smaller than the one i saw in 2016 and the color was similar to the above photo. It also looked very young.. At first i thought it was a baby bob cat but then the tail appeared , once it came out go the bushes. It ran on side of road about 20/30 feet and then disappeared in the brush.

        • Thanks Michael for taking the time to report your sighting. It would be great to get a photo but I know how difficult that is.

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