Senator votes AGAINST protecting aborted babies but FOR protecting kittens in animal testing

Baby life versus kitten life

This is an interesting ethical dilemma, on the face of it. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon voted against the introduction of legislation that would extend protection for babies born alive during an abortion procedure. The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection … please continue reading

North Hempstead doesn’t have a cat shelter for the unwanted. Feral colony caregivers want that to change

North Hempstead is a town on Long Island. The town has a lot of feral cats needing help and a cat shelter to help with the overall cat population. They’re the only town out of 13 on the island not … please continue reading

I am thinking of the feral cats of Chicago during the Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex and cats

I can’t help thinking about the feral and stray cats of Chicago during the brutally cold temperatures caused by the Polar Vortex. We hear of advice to humans to stay inside and that the temperatures are so low at -50 … please continue reading

Picture of purebred cat being prepared to be judged at cat show

Picture of what a purebred cat goes through at a cat show before being shown

This is an excellent cat picture by AARON LAVINSKY of the STAR TRIBUNE of Marsha Tjeerdsma, of Springfield, South Dakota, grooming her Himalayan, “Hott Toddy,” before showing him at the 43rd Annual Saintly City Cat Championship Cat Show. The picture … please continue reading