King of the Road: Hamzah Hussain and Simba the Lion in a Car in Karachi

Hamzah Hussain had reared Simba a lion from the age of 2 weeks after the lion’s mother stopped feeding him. They now travel around Karachi together as you can see in the photograph. It makes for a extraordinary picture.

Simba and Hamzah Hussain in car in Karachi. Photo: IRFAN CHOUDARY/BARCROFT IMAGES.
Simba and Hamzah Hussain in car in Karachi. Photo: IRFAN CHOUDARY/BARCROFT IMAGES.
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There is no litter tray large enough for Simba! And of course I am sure Hamzah has got used to gallons of lion urine being sprayed over the house as Simba marks his home range in a manner far beyond the imagination of your typical pet cat owner.

Although interesting to look at, the bottom line is that this sort of human behaviour is very much a no-no. It is bad for lions. It demeans and disrespects them and turns them into human chattels (possessions) for human entertainment when they should be able to share the planet with humans in their natural environment as nature intended.

Simba and Hamzah

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