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Kitten Loses Leg in Mousetrap — 16 Comments

  1. Poor little soul, her perfect form marred for life by some cruel idiot. Thankfully being so young she should adapt and manage well enough, but of course I should never have happened. Yes bad taste the last photo I agree.

    • I feel sad for her. Perhaps vets see amputation as the easy option. I wonder whether the vet had to amputate. It may have been the cheaper option. I don’t know but because cats cope so well it may encourage amputations.

      • Yes I think you are right, amputation is probably quicker and cheaper and if she didn’t have her own human to stick up for her rights there was probably no chance of long and expensive treatment to save her tiny leg. A good example of this is Leah’s Mr Jinks, it was only though her long battle that his leg was saved from amputation and now he’s doing well and recovering. It must feel strange to you not to know what happened to Charlie’s leg and what he went through before you knew him.

      • Depending on the length of time involved, her leg may have been so deprived of circulation that it was rendered useless and may have rotted off eventually, leading to even more problems.

      • As usual cats have to be deprived of their rightful freedom because of people making it unsafe outdoors. Selfish, ignorant, cruel humanity!!!
        I don’t agree with tiny kittens being outside, but adult cats should be able to enjoy a fulfilled life without being in danger.

        • I think it is double carelessness. The owner let their kitten wander anywhere and I don’t believe a kitten should wander anywhere and the other person put down a trap which I guess might hurt any small mammal as there was food on it that attracts mammals. A recipe for injury.

      • In all fairness, some people have mouse traps inside their homes. So, it’s not just an outdoor thing. I don’t think that is the case here, but I can remember them in the basement of my grandmother’s home in Michigan.
        Such a darling kitten too. It seems that we can never turn our backs for a second.

        • Exactly right Dee, that mousetrap was probably intended for indoor use anyway but some idiot set it outside, there are many hazards outdoors for cats but there are also many within the home as well, indoor cats are not guaranteed safety, it’s up to the owner to keep them safe indoors and out.

        • You are right of course Dee, a cat could be injured by a mouse trap in their home, life is full of hazards for them indoors too.

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