Kitty Keyboards and Lick Screens

Both Google and a company called Opera have indulged in a little bit of fun on April Fools’ Day and what better way to indulge oneself on this day and on the Internet than by involving the domestic cat.

April fools' day for cats
April fools’ day virtual keyboard for cats. No idea how it is meant to work! Maybe I shouldn’t think like that.
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Google is well-known for April Fools’ Day pranks. On this occasion they came up with a virtual keyboard for cats. The Chrome operating system team designed a cat-friendly, on-screen keyboard. With great seriousness they say it is based on extensive Animal Computer Interaction research (ACI).

They recommend that both the cat and her owner install the kitty keyboard and then the cat can try out the features. There is a cat translation technology application which they say is in beta mode (meaning under testing). There is mouse mode and what they describe as “four pawing modalities using your trackpad or touchscreen”.

As for Opera, a well-known American company that produces the Opera browser, they have created, they say, an Internet browser for cats which they call Cats by Opera. The video gives you a flavor of what it’s like. There appears to be a touchscreen and a lick screen feature. It is a web browser that is tail-or made for cats and it is a feline-first.

7 thoughts on “Kitty Keyboards and Lick Screens”

  1. I love it!

    I for one would have almost been “had” since I have an app for my cats on my android phone and iPad, both of which have received a purrfect score by my fussy felines.

    It was the lick screen that I think definitely would have flagged this as a prank- but heck, I have been known to be “tooken” in on April Fool’s day.


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