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Kristen Lindsey Caught Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) — 19 Comments

  1. Well…
    She is/was a vet, she has made known that she has an interest in killing animals, she gets a DUI in the midst of her troubles over killing Tiger, and she is in possession of a weapon (bow/arrow) as well as a vehicle. It seems that she has a few “licenses to kill”.

    • While you pay others to torture animals for you just to feed your cats. Not to mention the billions of animals that you torture to death yearly by using them for your cat’s writhing and screeching play-toys, and all their offspring that starve-to-death because their parents were tortured to death by your cats and never return to nurture and raise them. Yeah, you’re all fine people to talk about the suffering and deaths of animals, aren’t you. Excuse me while I go throw-up for having come even this close to the likes of any of you.

      • Jace. thanks for commenting but I think you need to clarify what you want to say. I guess you are saying that livestock is treated poorly and that cats prey on other animals. The latter is a failing of humans and the former is natural behavior which can be curbed by human cat caretaking.

      • I advocate humane farming and have long before it was popular to speak out. There will always be a divide between those who have extreme views on either side of an issue. Most humans fall in the middle.
        Predation is natural I think though you will find that most people here advocate cats being kept indoor or in secure outdoor structures where they can enjoy time outside without posing a threat to wildlife or being in danger of injury.
        I might add that as much as I detest people like my neighbors who have little to no concern for their pets long term welfare it is the extremist fraction that is the real stumbling block for change in how animals are viewed. You want the sun the moon and the stars and not only that you are willing to devalue human rights to get them.
        I suggest you go have a grow up moment.

  2. There is a veterinarian here in NM , Not my Bad Vet She had been reprimanded and had her license pulled in two other states and suspended in another before coming here and killing shelter pets. During the investigation she didn’t show to her disciplinary hearing and was found via internet practicing in another state. I guess the real question isn’t if she loses her license in Texas but can she go to another state and set up shop ?

    • Good question M.E. I’ll do some work on that actually. It occurred to me too that she could work somewhere else because it is only the Texas board who are going to revoke her license which implies the revocation – should it happen – will only apply to Texas.

      • I believe she has to disclose any action taken by the Texas Board.
        My bad vet got a 250 dollar fine and 4 hours of mandatory pharmacology education along with the state requirement for 15 continuing education hours per year. I had a lovely face to face meeting with the director of the SNMBVM and thanked them. That was a pre NCA ( notice of contemplated action ) agreement. She either took that or would have been hauled before a disciplinary board. It is standard to offer those agreements. While it looks light the board acted within the scope of their powers.
        Kristen has issues much worse than causing a little house cat to go blind. Which we will prove in court on the 12th.
        I am not for human rights for companion animals. I do think it’s time they occupy a special place in the law under personal property. I don’t know if Tigers owners have looked at a civil suit but I believe Texas has some good case law of owners getting non economic damages. She killed their pet and posted the dead cat’s picture with arrow online. That picture will live on the internet forever.

        • I could be wrong, but I believe that any medical professional, including vets, is required to have continuing education yearly. A total of 19 hours for your previous vet seems normal. I was required to have 30 hours of continuing education per year. I’m not a vet but was a medical professional.

  3. Offenders are not guaranteed to be caught the first time or every time they drive intoxicated.
    Much like animal abusers seldom abuse just one animal. Investigations usually reveal a pattern of bad behavior.

    • Yes, well said Eva. I think you’ve made a very astute point there. Her father too should be in the discussion.

    • Yes, there is something wrong. If it is true that she has a drink habit then perhaps there is something troubling her. Something in the background or perhaps I am being too generous.

  4. maybe she needs her driver’s license revoked as well. . . just sayin’. . . I do believe she will never be a licensed veterinarian again — EVER. .. as the saying goes, “you make your bed, you have to lie in it as well”. . . I never wish death on anyone, but this nutcase is a threat to anipals and humans alike, and needs locked up in an insitution of some kind — never to be allowed in the public again. She will have to answer to God someday for her actions.

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