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Let’s Adopt! Global, an animal rescue organization, courting controversy — 21 Comments

  1. What’s the matter with these Let’s Adopt-haters? I did my own research on Let’s Adopt and I can assure you, Valencia SUR Vetenary Hospital is the real thing (and I would trust my dog or cat with them anytime), as is the wonderful work Victor Larkhill and his team does. I feel sorry for all those like Tia, who pathologically mistrust people’s good intentions and believe the most ridiculous conspiration theories, like ‘Victor Larkhill sold hundreds of thousands of dogs to China’ (Really?!! I suppose she believes in aliens too?) and ‘Sarah dresses in white, 80% of the time'(I mean, that’s really shocking isn’t it?!!!). Such mean, sad lives they lead, I wish they would put their energy to something GOOD, instead of spreading poison about those who are trying their best to save these severely injured and sick animals, which otherwise would have been put down,and never given a second chance for love and a good home.They should be ashamed!

  2. I want to add.. (along with my message above) the dog Alice, for whom this entire investigation was started for.. has still never been seen again. She was originally found wandering in the woods with one severely damaged toe and her opposite foot missing 3 toes and infected (key word “wandering”/walking) The Valencia Sur Animal Clinic (who interns students of A local veterinary surgery school) along with Viktor Larkhill, decided to AMPUTATE BOTH OF ALICE’S FEET!!! YES. BOTH!!! & have her fitted for some spring prosthetics for both front legs! It was another “EXTREME SURGERY” as Viktor likes to call them now! Everything is EXTREME! Because we have enough information to at least make accusations that he’s collecting dogs so they can PRACTICE NEW SURGERY TECHNIQUES ON THEM!! Also, my source in Spain said there is a rumor that Viktors family runs this Vet Clinic. That, has not been confirmed yet, but sure seems to fit in with this extreme animal abuse playing out in front of thousands of subscribers eyes. Go ahead, ask where Alice went. Ask & keep asking till you get an answer. You won’t. You will be attacked by fake subscribers (brand new names WHO never posted b4) accusing you of being Viktors ex-girlfriend! I swear! This is true! Then, you’ll be blocked from his page! Alice has no voice. Neither do the hundreds of other digs who are NEVER SHOWN AGAIN! They collect your money, if a dog gets BIG DONATIONS, he will say whatever is needed for surgery is ON THE WAY & post videos every 2 weeks of the WORDT OF THE WORST DOGS! Leaving them in their horrific conditions in these POST-OP CAGE for up to a year! Collecting off them on Viktors 7 different platforms!! HOW HAS NOBODY ELSE NOTICED THIS ABUSE!!??? He will be stopped! WHERE IS ALICE? RIO? CORA? & on & on & on!!

    • Hi! I am an animal lover and parenting two rescued cats since 2015.
      I started to suspect that Viktor Larkhill’s youtube channel is a scam because of some details that called my attention.

      In one of the horrific videos on direct animal abuse that he filmed and uploaded as usual, I found something shocking. It was a video where some supposed Spanish hunters were pushing some greyhounds over a cliff. Not only Viktor recorded the whole process (honestly I couldn’t or at least I would have approached these monsters and started taking some kind of action, or at least call the police) but also I was petrified when I heard his own voice describing the facts.. At a given moment, he even mocked at the situation as if “tuning in” with the hunter’s mood. He said in a laughing, joking tone: “Hey! You are dropping your dogs!” (this was obviously recorded in Spanish, and it is my second mother tongue, so I couldn’t be wrong. Despite that, I heard the comments 4 or 5 times more to be sure. That gave me chills and a gut feeling of profound distrust towards this guy and all what surrounds him.

      In a couple of stories he uploaded some weird details called my attention. I don’t know how to describe it. His actions don’t match his words, and less, his mission.

      Moreover, every story that he posts shows such extreme cruelty to a different animal that it seems impossible so much abuse can happen. It looks like a display of abuse and the way he asks for funds betrays him because the images are shocking and he knows dog and cat lovers will succumb to his calls.
      I feel sad because when my intuition bell rings, it is usually in the right path.
      But the saddest part of all this is that who is in charge of the situation? Is there someone who can really follow every step this fake organization takes and can provide any evidence so that justice can intervene?
      On the other hand, I guess some of the comments supporting mr. Larkhill’s organization are fake, too. Even his own name, Viktor Larkhill is a fake name for Ivan Jiménez.

  3. I ditto Cary Ann’s sentiments. How can these people be so sure that our donated funds are not going towards the welfare of the sick and injured animals? What evidence do they have against Viktor? This needs to be addressed once and for all. We in the Western society are supposed to be animal lovers but this clearly is not the case. There are atrocious acts committed against animals in UK, US and worldwide every day. This man and his associates are making a contribution – what are these people doing? Nada in my opinion.

  4. so then who CARED & fixed those horribly injured dogs??
    if Ivan is that bad, He deserves some home life MY GOD look at the united state humane society Wayne Purcelle & HIS Attorneys BIG Pensions.. yet little of their funds go to the animal rescues!!!!
    Im not donating for their pensions. Im also donating to SOIDOG.org

  5. I donated some money a few months and was bombarded with messages from people who didn’t support LAG work. I wish this would stop.

  6. Bullshit. This man is nothing more than a POS scammer. Getting unknowing American woman to donate mass amounts of money NOT for the animals but to pad his own bank account. Its all smoke and mirrors. Just try to confront and see how UNHINGED he becomes!! Screw you Viktor your time will come.

  7. The only comments I see regarding them..are ones from people saying.. to just kill the animals they try to help and not waste money on them.
    I really like LAG .. I get news feeds from them and try to share those as much as possible.
    Let’s just say..I get really annoyed when I see comments like that. I’m protective of LAG and I have the utmost respect for what they do. Them and He’Art of Rescue do something similar. They both take on tough cases of abused, neglected animals. And they HELP THEM!!! I love how they show the animals from start to finish that they help. I will ALWAYS try to spread the word of the good they do!!!

    • It seems there is some jealousy involved. Also the guys are Turkish as far as I know which may be a factor. I have seen jealousy in cat rescue causing nasty behavior in previous articles. But for some reason LAG has courted controversy.

    • show the animal from start to finish??!! That lie, is why I started investigating him! Only 4 dogs from YouTube page 2019.. out of 47 were shown “after” surgery! After donating $600 between my mother-in-law & myself, I asked over 25 times for an update on Alice (for whom a large portion went to) I was BLOCKED! (did you know you can continue to post & never be told your blocked from Viktors YouTube!?? AND HE TOOK A DONATION AFTER BLOCKING ME!!! SO!I started logging every animal, made a new screen name, & continued to watch & document. Now, his lavish vacations with up to 5 people (5 plane tickets) most times, at the very best hotels, in the very best SUV rentals, all dressed in their very best clothes (Sandra in WHITE! 60% of time!).. became very noticeable! At one point I notice Apollo & Richard had been locked in tiny cold stainless steel POST-OP cages with bars on the fronts FOR 9 MONTHS!!! (Richard born deformed, Apollo shattered jaw for over a year! in a cage! collecting money for Viktor! cash cows in cages!)
      I couldn’t stay silent! I asked why these 2 dogs were still in POST-OP CAGES FOR ALMOST A YEAR! I was BLOCKED that day one hour later!! My investigation gather 3 other “Viktor haters” who discovered the vet clinic interns up to 120 students of A local veterinary school which TEACHES students the art of surgery!!
      1+1=2….. these students are permitted to PRACTICE on the dogs Viktor brings in!!! That’s why some are there over a year in POST-OP CAGES!!! Also, I have proof Viktor was charged with selling hundreds of thousands of dogs to China!! and so much more! Viktor has stepped aside while the investigation has reached into his hometown! & I pray charges for tax evasion proceed! Along with animal abuse charges! Although the latter is unlikely since Spain does little to nothing to protect any animal. That is why I believe Viktor Larkhill/ Ivan Jimenez moved back there. I have even more damning information coming, as I will be posting SEVERAL CHANNELS ON THE SYSTEM OF FRAUD IN DOG RESCUE DONATIONS, VIKTOR LARKHILL BEING THE MAIN FOCUS. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL HE IS NEVER ALLOWED TO RECIEVE ANOTHER DONATION & STEPS ASIDE.

  8. I have never had a problem with them, and I feel they are doing stellar work for the anipals. . . didn’t even realize all this was happening. . . I’ve never gotten anything about it via e-mail or otherwise. . .

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