Lost Cat Poster

by Michael
(London, UK)

A far as a can tell people occasionally search for “lost cat poster”.

Now, I am going to guess that people are looking for a bit of clip art that is an example of a poster that they can download and print. People can then fill in the blank spaces to personalize it and bingo they should have a decent looking poster with a bit of impact and which attracts attention.

Well, I had a go at making a couple. The images below are thumbnails linked to large format, A4 poster sized images. A4 is a UK size, I believe but for US visitors it is a standard letter format. For people who are not computer savvy this is what you do:

1. Click on one of the thumbnail images below. This takes you to a large format version of the lost cat poster.

2. Place the cursor over the large format lost cat poster and right click. A menu comes up. Select “save image as”. Your internet browser software will then pop up a window that asks you to select a file name for the image and where you want to download it to. I would name it “lost cat poster” and download to desktop. Update: Very sorry but right click downloads have been disabled because of violations of copyright.

3. Once you have completed step 2, click “save”.

4. The image is downloaded to desktop. It will be seen on desktop (the screen you see when the computer is first started and no programs are running) in the form of an icon (a small image).

5. Double click on this icon and your computer software, whatever is loaded (I use Picasa), will open the file and you will see a large image of the lost cat poster.

6. Right click on the image and select, “print” after connecting the printer to the computer. Make sure A4 or similar sized paper is in the paper tray. You might use coloured paper.

7. Once printed add a photo in the space provided and complete the details with a large felt tipped pen.

Here are the thumbnail lost cat posters – you have a choice of two:

I hope someone finds these useful! If someone wants me to produce a customized one please leave a comment.


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Lost Cat Poster

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Oct 07, 2010 Printable Poster & Register Lost/Found Pet
by: Chris

People who’ve lost or found a pet can register it here & even print a poster.


This site is interesting as it aims to help reduce the rate of euthanasia of adoptable pets using an automated global recovery system.

“Hundreds of times a day, [their] search engine automatically finds matches for the lost and found pets admitted to shelters, clinics, emergency hospitals, pounds, the general public and pet families. [It’s] the fastest growing provider of recovery services in North America.”

Oct 07, 2010 Escellent search tips
by: Chris

I think it’s very helpful that Susan mentioned Missing Pet Partnership. They’re a non profit group that’s helped to reunite hundreds of pets with their worried owners. They have excellent, behavior-based search, recovery, and prevention tips. Most cat owners don’t know how or where to search for their lost cats!

“Founder Kat Albrecht is a former police officer-turned-pet-detective who is pioneering the science of finding lost pets. She has trained search dogs to locate missing people, criminals, physical evidence, and lost pets. “She has written two books so far.

Her blog, bio, etc. are available at http://katalbrecht.com/

“Missing Animal Response (MAR):
A Paradigm Shift to Reduce Shelter Kill Rates”

by Kat Albrecht, Missing Pet Partnership

This is part of the no-kill solution,

If cat advocates on PoC want to help cats in their own communities, help educate people on how to get as many lost cats reunited with their owners as possible.

Sep 27, 2010 lost cats
by: kathy

Years ago when my Sammy was lost I made posters and put them up all over town. Mostly at intersections and in my neighborhood. I did get calls from people who saw him. Mostly children but hey the posters worked and I did find him. aT LEASst by people calling I knew the inevitalble hadnt happened to him and he was still alive.

Sep 26, 2010 Cars USA
by: Michael

I think the larger size poster as Susan suggests is particularly useful in the USA where people use their car more often.

Sep 26, 2010 All good advice
by: Barbara

This is a really good page to have so accesible, it’s the kind of information you don’t want to need but anyone who is in the horrible position of having their cat go missing will find the posters and the advice from both Michael and Susan invaluable. Thanks to you both. I’m going to bookmark this page in case I can pass it on to others.

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Sep 26, 2010 Great comment
by: Michael

Thank you so much Susan for a very useful comment. I have made a link out of the URL you provided.

The poster you refer to is too large for printing so will have to be done using stencils or some other method so I won’t do a template for that!

Sep 26, 2010 Missing Pet Partnership
by: Susan

Michael, I help with a local lost & found pet registry and an excellent resource we give everyone is the Missing Pet Partnership website. Here is their page for making a lost poster:

Recovery Tips – Posters

A few insights:

1. Make a POSTER, not a sign, so everyone sees it driving by (the kind people make for Garage Sales).

2. Use brightly colored poster board to get attention.

3. Post at intersections and along telephone poles. If no telephone poles, use plastic ties to attach to stop signs.

4. MOST IMPORTANT: Make your phone number as large as the “LOST” words so people don’t have to stop their car to read it. Many won’t stop even if they have seen the pet wandering to get a number if it isn’t big enough to see from their car.

5. Make Lost Fliers to put in neighbors mailboxes, post at shelters, vet offices, pet stores, groomers, community bulletin boards (church, schools), and give them to everyone who visits the area – mail, garbage, school bus driver, etc.

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