“Love” is not in the cat’s vocabulary

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The good and the great cat caretakers love their cats. This is good. This is great. However, the great caretakers know that the domestic cat does not know what “love” means. Am I right? A domestic cat will really appreciate your friendship and best of all, the food and security you provide but he or she will not love you within the meaning that we give to the word.

This is not a negative idea. It is simply a reflection of reality. “Love” is a much abused word by people. It is grossly over used and hyped up. Cats are more practical. Your cat really appreciates your friendship. Cats do make friends. They understand that concept.

But “love”. No, they don’t get it. This may be because, we exaggerate the word, the idea, the concept. “Love” is a human invention. Because the human is the only animal species that believes “love” is real, I have to conclude that it is not real if it is meant to mean more than liking someone a lot.

“Love” is getting along with someone really well. Cats understand this idea. Liking someone particularly well should not be elevated to some sort of mystical, magical level. It is what it is.

Cats are more sensible than people. They exist in the land of reality. Humans like to escape reality. In doing so they have created the concept of “love”.

People should return to their roots and start realizing that they are a human animal.

What do you think? I have no more to say on the subject. My thoughts are based on real life experiences. Use this form or leave a comment.

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