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My deaf cat had a full seizure every time we crinkled a plastic bag — 8 Comments

  1. Crikey never heard of that before! See I am continuing my education here on PoC! Perhaps it does have a lot to do with stimulus in the same way that Epileptics are affected by flashing images cats could (as you say Michael) be affected by sound waves or sensation?

  2. I’ve read of sound induced seizures in pets before, but none of those affected a deaf cat. Is it possible that some cats can be considered “deaf” based on human hearing levels, but are still able to detect some sounds in a range beyond ours?

    Cases of reflex epilepsy have been reported as far back as the 90’s, but very little research has been carried out because it was seen as affecting a small number of pets. Perhaps this is because owners haven’t always made the connection with strange triggers for their pet’s seizures.

    Tilly: International Cat Care are looking to hear from owners of cats with reflex epilepsy, as they hope to learn more about the condition. I’m sure they would be pleased to hear about your two cats.


    • I wondered that too Michele, we know that cats have much sharper hearing than we do, so maybe a cat isn’t as profoundly deaf as a person is, maybe they can hear certain sounds. The sound of a crinkling plastic bag could sound very different to a cat than it does to us.
      We were watching a programme on TV the other evening about underground tunnels and they were demonstrating echoes. Jozef was fast asleep but he woke up and asked to go out quickly, the noise was obviously upsetting him.

  3. Oh im so sorry. :'( I myself Have Epilepsy so can only imagine, how horrible it must be for yourself with having cats with this. Poor Babies. Also Different people have different types of epilepsy mine is Petite mal- so relative small. They call My Type-Complex Partial. I have warning but often don’t really know what I’m doing, and have no awareness. Very controlled these days with Meds. I’ve never herald it in Cats.

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