8 pet health emergency symptoms needing immediate vet attention (according to vets)

5 serious pet illnesses symptoms as per a vet clinic on TikTok

This is a charming, clever little video made by an American veterinary clinic called Alicia Pet Care Center. They describe themselves on TikTok as a ‘family owned, full-service vet hospital in Orange County, CA’. The video maker goes around the clinic asking each employee what they think is an illness symptom so serious that …

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What causes FARS in cats?

Seizure in cats

FARS is an acronym for ‘feline audiogenic reflex seizures‘. In the past I have used a slightly different terminology namely “audio reflex seizures“. That’s because it was only in about 2015 that the scientists and vets became involved in this condition. In around 2010, as I recall, little was known about it or at …

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Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica flea treatments might cause seizures in cats and dogs

No isoxazoline class for these kittens

CBS News tell us that cat owners should be aware that Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica flea and tick treatments might put cats (and dogs) at an increased risk of neurological adverse reactions including seizures, ataxia (disjointed movement due to loss of control) and tremors. This is a heads up. These drugs are of …

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Running a thumb across the teeth of a comb caused this cat to retch. Why?

The internet tells me that certain sounds, in this case the sound you can make when you run your thumb along the teeth of a comb, causes some cats to initiate the gag response or gag reflex. Here is the video: The reason the lady who made the video gives is incorrect in my …

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Cat seizures caused by sharp sounds linked to old age

Cat seizures due to sharp sounds

Cat seizures caused by clicking sounds or other sharp sounds appears to be linked to old age which may indicate a change in brain function brought about by old age as the cause. Further, although unlikely, there may also be an underlying condition such as toxoplasmosis which is present in about 45% of all …

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