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My Young Cat Gabriel Playing (video) — 9 Comments

  1. He is wonderful Michael I love to watch cats at play for me there is nothing more entrancing! he his very confident now and happy and he makes you so happy too, when you speak of him I can tell your spirits are totally lifted! He has bought such joy into your life after your sad loss.

    But what is it about the cat and the pee thing? When I use the bathroom first thing in the morning I can never do it in peace! I’m sat there and the door suddenly opens ….. and again and again and before I know it I have four pairs of eyes on me!! You cant use the bathroom in peace in our house! 🙂

  2. Monty definitely has a morning hunt every day, whether he gets let outside or not. He looks at me and then waits with eager attention so I throw a toy for him or grab his fishing pole type toys. Today he entertained himself, since he got some interesting flat, burlap catnip fish that make a crinkling sound when he plays with them. He entertained himself wildly with them both last night and this morning.

    They were a gift from friends of ours who also have cats. Since they are indoor cats she buys them a lot more toys than Monty gets. (I figure he gets to play outside, so he doesn’t need them.) What her cats are observed to enjoy the most are usually the type Monty gets for Christmas from her.

    He takes a mid morning nap on our bed every day. He wants to be up earlier than we get up, but he goes back to sleep after a hunt, breakfast and a little washing up. I don’t usually have the luxury of going back to sleep.

  3. A baby wildcat indeed.
    You are so fortunate that you don’t have to leave for an 8 hour workday.
    What a bric-a-brac heaven he would be in.

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