Queen Elizabeth the Second bans cats from Sandringham estate

Pheasant killing cats banned from Sandringham estate by order of the Queen

It is said that the Queen of England is allergic to cats. It is also said that her staff at the Sandringham estate are killing accidentally or deliberately wandering outside domestic cats because they threaten young pheasants. Pheasants are shot … please continue reading

Picture of tabby cat and his killed pigeon

Cat hunting birds

This is a high quality picture of my cat and the pigeon that he killed while I was out at the gym. He kills pigeons by suffocating them with a throat bite much like lions killing large prey. Usually domestic … please continue reading

Feral cats preying on Leadbeater’s possum; balanced headlines required

Feral cat hounding a Leadbeater's possum

We need balanced headlines on the story about feral cats preying on the rare and endangered Leadbeater’s possum, a tiny creature living in ‘tall wet forests of Victoria’s Central Highlands’. Phys.org leads with a disturbing headline ‘Evidence that feral cats … please continue reading