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Kittens social playing

Why do sibling cats fight?

I think that we can break this down into 3 headings (1) kitten play-fighting (2) dominant males or females in a group and submissive cats (2) grown-up siblings who have become independent and no...

Cat has fun sliding down a slide in a child's playground

Do domesticated cats actively seek out fun?

Do domestic cats actively seek out fun? Do they have a concept in their minds about the idea of fun and entertaining themselves? Or is it all instinctive when they play? Are they simply...

Bubbles as a source of entertainment for domestic cats and dogs

Bubbles: a novel way to play with your cat

I have just discovered flavoured cat and dog bubbles that don’t disappear when they hit the ground, which means they can be attacked when they land. Cats and dogs love them. They stimulate play....

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