Now We Know Where Our “Duma” Got Her Lovely Spots!

Now We Know Where Our “Duma” Got Her Lovely Spots!

by Laurie Hacker
(Guelph, ON, Canada)


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We got Duma from an ad in a local grocery store! She was one of 2 females in the litter! We paid a whole $3 for her and wondered about and loved her little spots on her torso and her neat looking stripes on her legs. Her paws were amazing too.

We named her "Duma" which is Cheetah in Swahili (African name) because her spots reminded us of a Cheetah. Tonight while looking online to find out info about my other cat (a tortoiseshell) I stumbled on a picture of a feral Egyptian cat called an Egyptian Mau and it looked just like Duma!

That is what she definitely has in her. Although she is probably not a purebred cat she definitely has a lot of this breed in her.

She is a great cat, she loves water (which I find unusual for a cat) she loves to watch us in the shower and play with the water. And she loves going up into high places. She is also a clown and is very smart. She fetches like a dog! The $3 best dollars we ever spent!


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Now We Know Where Our "Duma" Got Her Lovely Spots!

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Jan 12, 2010

hi she just like mine,great cats,let her help wash dishes like mine

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