On cats: Lewis Hamilton beats Sebastian Vettel

It is not only on the racetrack that Lewis Hamilton beats Sebastian Vettel. It’s pretty clear to me that Lewis Hamilton likes animals. We know that he likes dogs and I can see by the way that he handles a racetrack cat that he is sensitive to all animals including cats as well.

Lewis Hamilton takes time to pet and interact with the Imola cat Formulino
Lewis Hamilton takes time to pet and interact with the Imola cat Formulino. Screenshot from Twitter video.
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How do I know? There is a racetrack cat at Imola. He is a grey/brown tabby called Formulino (appropriate name). He wanders around the paddock saying hello to the mechanics and drivers. So what’s the reaction?

Sebastian Vettel said that he doesn’t like cats. Bang, crash. Over and out. Although he did say the might get to like Formulino but I think not. A cold answer. In contrast Lewis Hamilton takes time to get down to the level of a domestic cat and handles Formulino really nicely.

He is gentle with him. Despite being busy and focused on his work, Lewis took time to gentle pet him before moving on. That’s a nice touch. Although I’d bet it did Lewis some good too. A few seconds to stop what you are doing and interact with a cat or dog will do some good.

Formulino at a board meeting
Formulino at a board meeting. Screenshot.

That’s why there are therapy animals. Not that Lewis needs therapy. He is a very sorted and organised guy. It is probably his last season racing. I think he wants to win eight World Championships to surpass Michael Schumacher’s seven titles. He can then retire as the greatest. I think he already has that label. He is better than Michael Schumacher. Schumacher played some dirty tricks as I recall to win at least one of his world titles. Lewis does not resort to those games.

I think, too, he was cheated out of one world championship title because of subtle racism against him in the early years. He’s had to fight that and employ a very subtle and clever policy of creating teamwork. He very much focuses on teamwork and credits the mechanics with his wins. He gets them very much on his side at all times. And of course he really does rely on them. It only takes one disgruntled mechanic to blow his chances in one race and that may impact the world title.

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If Formulino visits a driver he brings good luck. Despite being told that Vettel was unenthusiastic. He said: “I don’t like cats. I have nothing to offer it. He’s a bit overweight though..”. Too many treats I guess! But he’s not very keen, is he?

Hamilton was far more welcoming. The cat nosed around the Mercedes paddock. Formulino said hi to the world champion who took time to say hi back. Formulino’s good luck worked for Hamilton: he won the race, nicking it from Vestappen.

I don’t think it was Formulino’s good luck though; more like Hamilton consummate skills. He won despite not having the best car that day.

Hamilton has a bulldog companion, Roscoe. He probably adopted Roscoe as a symbol of Britishness. A guess. But bulldogs are inherently not in the peak of health due to their extreme appearance. I think Hamilton has mentioned that Roscoe gets hot and out of breath.

The bottom line though is that Hamilton beats Vettel on interactions with cats. Hamilton is a natural. Cold Vettel just shunned the opportunity.


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