Lady Starmer concerned about how their family cat, JoJo, will get on with Larry

Larry the Cat photographed at Downing Street outside No 10

It seems that Larry the Cat’s position at 10 Downing Street is being threatened by the Starmers’ family cat’s impending arrival in the flat at 10 Downing Street. The Prime Minister has an apartment above his office and that’s where the family will live including the family cat. I’m told in The Sunday Times …

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Instagram starlet “Winky” a dwarf cat with bulbous eyes and an expected halved lifespan

Winky looks like Lil Bub and has a projected very short lifespan due to her inherited health problems

OPINION: The news media online is writing about a bug-eyed cat who’s gone viral thanks to an uncanny resemblance to some A-list actors. Great fun. This cat, called ‘Winky’ has an Instagram account. It’s another example of a cat with a severe inherited health problem becoming a celebrity. RELATED: Munchkin Cat Breed Am I …

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Claudia Schiffer took her cat, Chip, to the premiere of Argylle, a film in which he appears

Claudia Shiffer and he cat Chip in a car carrier

Chip is a handsome cat. He has rapidly become a cat celebrity. He appears to be a Scottish Fold, judging by his appearance in this video. The Scottish Fold has been made popular by human celebrities by Taylor Swift. In fact, Swift has promoted the breed very effectively. RELATED: Taylor Swift has 3 cats. …

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The Nepo Kitty A-list

Nepo Kitties

This is the current Nepo Kitty A-list. What is a ‘nepo kitty’ or ‘nepo cat’? It comes from the term ‘nepo baby’ which according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary refers to nepotism by parents towards their baby to the point where the child becomes famous perhaps even more famous than their famous parents. That’s my …

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Social media celebrity biking couple Travis and Sigrid involved in RTA

Travis and Sigrid knocked off their bike by a passing motorcyclist at traffic lights in London traffic resulting in him being criticised on social media for, I guess, endangering his cat.

Temporarily, the celebrity of the biking couple Travis and Sigrid came crashing to the ground in a road traffic accident. It resulted in thousands of criticisms of Travis Nelson on social media which is the exact opposite to what he would like to see. You may have bumped into Travis and Sigrid on your …

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Bavarian town honours celebrated and loved Birman cat, Chicco

Chicco monument

Chicco was a celebrated Birman tomcat who had the habit of wandering around his Bavarian hometown, Memmingen, but he died suddenly at the age of five and a sculpture has been erected in his honour. Was Chicco a Birman? The first point to discuss is whether Chicco was a purebred Birman cat or not. …

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Stepan is a celebrity Ukrainian blogging cat and influencer from Kharkiv

Stephan surrounded by decorative pillows which are for sale at his online store.

Stepan in a remarkable cat in many ways. He appears to be a very passive, well-behaved tabby cat. He is completely normal and standard looking in terms of his appearance but his background, his history and his past lifestyle is far from normal. He comes from Kharkiv, Ukraine and that city was heavily shelled …

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