Photographer breaches contract over photos of extraordinary ‘two-faced’ cat Narnia


This fabulous, flawless, British Shorthair ‘two-faced’ cat living in France has become a celebrity overnight. The cat’s name is Narnia de la Grace of Chatterie de la Grace (“Narnia” for short). He is a purebred “Celestial” – a breed distinguished … please continue reading

How the ear condition Otitis Externa can make a cat famous and is this a good thing?


There is another cat celebrity on the internet, Otitis. He’s white and he has no ears. He has no ears because of human neglect. He developed a condition called otitis externa. This is either a bacterial, yeast or fungal infection … please continue reading

Watson: Thanks to new ‘plastic boots,’ cat born with twisted legs can walk again

Meet Watson, a kitten born with twisted legs who can walk again, thanks to his new plastic boots. Watson was rescued as a kitten by American animal welfare organization Almost Home Animal Rescue League. It was quickly determined he was … please continue reading