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Pusheen cartoon cat

What type of cat is Pusheen?

Pusheen is a female, gray tabby, cartoon cat. There is no indication that she is a purebred cat. I will take it, therefore, that she is a random-bred cat or moggy, which is apt...

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty – what type of cat?

Hello Kitty is a female, anthropomorphised (humanised), Japanese Bobtail cat. She is all-white and her full name is Kitty White (‘Kiti Howaito’). In terms of the cat fancy, traditionally the Japanese bobtail is normally...


What cat breed is Beluga?

Beluga is not a breed of cat. Beluga is a random-bred cat i.e. a moggy. Although I sense that it is immaterial to the man who created Beluga as to whether he is a...


What type of cat is Crookshanks?

Crookshanks is a ginger, tabby Persian cat – a purebred cat. He has tear duct overflow as evidenced by staining below his eyes which is typical of Persian cats because of their flat-face which...


What type or breed of cat was Bagpuss?

Bagpuss was a striped tabby moggy. In other words, a mackerel tabby random bred or mixed breed cat. He was not a purebred cat. It is rare for the creators of fictional cats to...

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