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Paid job offer running Greek island cat sanctuary — 7 Comments

  1. A dream come true!!! Michael, you should apply. I’d love to read your articles about the cats and see the gorgeous scenery, with the cats of course. 😉

    • I have to say I felt tempted. The trouble is there are too many barriers for me. I have house to maintain for a start and council tax to pay etc.. I wouldn’t want to let the house. And my cat. He’d have to live surrounded by 55+ Greek cats! It does sound great and I was tempted.

  2. This situation at God’s Little People Cat Rescue sounds like an amazing experience. Obviously it involves quite a lot of responsibility and physical work, but could prove to be a neat sabbatical.😻

    • 55 cats wouldn’t really be a whole lot of work. I caretake twice that many.
      I would have a question about what cats would reside inside and why.
      I would need a lot more detail.

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