The Rescue Cats who Fell in Love at a Shelter

It is an exceptionally sweet story. It must happen rarely perhaps but I have never heard of two cats at a shelter falling in love with each other at the shelter having never met before. This is what happened to Luna and Louie. I have been bold is using the word ‘love’ but I think it is the correct description for their relationship. They really are an item. The photos back it up.

Luna and Louie were at STAR rescue in Gainesville, Florida, USA. When James and his girlfriend visited the rescue center with the idea of adopting a dog they noticed that Luna and Louie were clinging to each other. They were giving a strong signal that they were not to be separated.

Luna is a tabby Maine Coon we are told although her appearance is not ideal Maine Coon while Louie is a ginger tabby.

When James and his girlfriend saw them, his girlfriend fell in love with Luna. And they decided a cat would be more suitable for their busy lifestyle.

They returned two weeks later and Luna was still at the shelter. They decided to adopt her and be foster carers for Louie. Louie followed Luna into their home and they quickly realised (well done) that Luna and Louie were an inseparable item never to be apart.

Nice ending. They look sublimely comfortable and content at the couples’ home. You can very definitely sense the love between these two cats. It is said that cats form friendships (preferred associates – a cold term). This is more than that. It looks much more to me. And it is great to see.

My thanks to Gail for spotting the story and Pawpulous for publishing it.

5 thoughts on “The Rescue Cats who Fell in Love at a Shelter”

  1. I’ve had two couples like this. I reserved final judgement that they were in love until there was no doubt at all (pretty quickly actually) and as time went on it only got stronger. I wasn’t sure if cats could establish such relationships or how often it happens… and it’s not routine. Out of 18 cats only four (two pair) found each other. I’ve thought certain others might pair up but no, they don’t always meet their love mate. So it is special. I do have one male who has a crush on a female, but she wants nothing to do with him, then a different female that has the hots for him, but he doesn’t like her. These are all sterilized by the way, so actual mating has nothing to do with it. They’re particular with likes and dislikes, much like people.

    • Very nice Albert. I thought quite hard about using the word “love”. It is used very flexibly by people and looking at these cats their relationship looks as strong as any amongst humans in love that I have seen. 😉

  2. Animals do form deep emotional connections to other animals. It has been documented. What a happy ending for these two feline soulmates.


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