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  1. Persian kitty- I’m not fond of cats but my first glance i love it he’s so innocent looking and so cute i love his color

  2. I would really love to by your chocolate 4 week old boy if possibility is open. I had a boy just like him for years but he pass away about 8 years ago. My heart still long for him but I would love to have a new baby to love. I am not a rich person so my money is not much. I lost my job two years ago due to illness. But if you could let me know how much he is I will try my best to give him a loving home. Full of more love than a life time hold. So please let me know. Thanks so much for your time and may the Good Lord Bless and fill your life with many Blessing and love. Mrs . Tyra

    • Hi Mrs Tyra, thanks for visiting. The kittens on this page are not for sale, I am afraid to say.

      In fact, the page was written about 5 years ago so they are not kittens anymore.

      I really hope you can find a Persian kitten to love. I know what it is like to miss your cat who died so long ago. You must have loved him a lot.

      Take care.

    • Mrs Tyra you may find a kitten in a Rescue Shelter near you. There are many kittens and cats who desperately need a home and someone like you to love them. Maybe not a Persian cat but all cats are beautiful and I’m sure any one you chose would bring happiness to your home.

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