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A persian kitty is probably the most photogenic cat of them all. Anyone who likes animals (and even those who don’t) are totally charmed by photographs of them…so here are some. I am happy to say that all the photographs (except the little one on the left) are by Helmi Flick and are her copyright. (the little one is courtesy a hobby cattery in Hyderbad India run by Shaji K)small stars

Helmi Flick says that this little persian kitty was 8 weeks old when photographed. Helmi was keen to photograph him so young in part to capture his eye colour, which will turn yellow/orange when he grows up. He comes from the Pawdance Persians and Himalayans cattery.

persian kitty light brown and very young

A Persian kitten has a long coat so an indoor environment is best for protection.

>To maintain the coat it should be combed daily to eliminate problems occurring with matting and hairballs.

small stars
This little persian kitten is 4 weeks old and a solid chocolate persian male. Helmi says that he will grow up to be a big cat as his feet (and bones) are large. His name is “Panther”. Once again this kitten comes from the Pawdance Persians and Himalayans cattery.

persian kitty dark coat

>It is a good idea to get your persian kitty used to a bath when (s)he is young.

>Only give a bath after a thorough combing. Ensure that the environment, in which the persian kitty lives, is clean to improve health issues generally.

>Make sure that your persian kitty is vaccinated at 8 weeks, then for 2 consecutive months and thereafter yearly.

small starsThe picture is of “Heather” a golden shaded female Persian kitten. Heather’s eyes have just turned from blue and will turn to emerald when she is grown up. She comes from the Stardazl cattery and was photographed by Helmi for the United Silver Fanciers.

You an tell if a cat is a long or short hair by the length of the hair on the tail. “Ear furnishings” are the hairs that comes out the ears (like old male humans!)

>A Persian cat is gentle and likes reassurance and plenty of loving care.

>Make sure the environment that you both live in is clean (common sense I guess) and keep the eating area clean and disinfected if needs be.

>You can clean ears, eyes and claws with wet cotton wool.small stars

The final photograph is of a self assured little Persian kitten named “Pawdance Mincemeat Spice”. She was relaxed enough to let her from leg hang out of the bowl. The picture was used for an advertisement with CatsUSA for the breeder and the bowl darkened digitally.

persian kitty Pawdance Mincemeat

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9 thoughts on “Persian Kitty”

  1. Persian kitty- I’m not fond of cats but my first glance i love it he’s so innocent looking and so cute i love his color

  2. I would really love to by your chocolate 4 week old boy if possibility is open. I had a boy just like him for years but he pass away about 8 years ago. My heart still long for him but I would love to have a new baby to love. I am not a rich person so my money is not much. I lost my job two years ago due to illness. But if you could let me know how much he is I will try my best to give him a loving home. Full of more love than a life time hold. So please let me know. Thanks so much for your time and may the Good Lord Bless and fill your life with many Blessing and love. Mrs . Tyra

    • Hi Mrs Tyra, thanks for visiting. The kittens on this page are not for sale, I am afraid to say.

      In fact, the page was written about 5 years ago so they are not kittens anymore.

      I really hope you can find a Persian kitten to love. I know what it is like to miss your cat who died so long ago. You must have loved him a lot.

      Take care.

    • Mrs Tyra you may find a kitten in a Rescue Shelter near you. There are many kittens and cats who desperately need a home and someone like you to love them. Maybe not a Persian cat but all cats are beautiful and I’m sure any one you chose would bring happiness to your home.


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