Picture of a gloomy kitten

[box background=#ADD8E6 align=left border=true border_rule=’border-css’ border_radius=4 color=#000 margin=1 padding=1 shadow=0 style=’style-rules’ width=95]You know how it is said that cats have this aloof demeanor and don’t really have a range of facial expressions. Well, do you see what I see in this kitten’s face? I see a sad, gloomy cat. Her eyes are a bit watery too. The streak of dark fur on the left side of his mouth (facing her) adds to the downward shape of the mouth but despite that I see an unhappy cat. I am wondering if I am projecting my feelings onto this cat.[/box]

Sad looking kitten
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Sad looking kitten. Photo in public domain.

She has an interesting face as well. This looks like a disheveled tortoiseshell coat. It is messy. I believe that there is a distinct difference in the facial expression of a cat who is relaxed and content to that of a cat who is in long term discomfort and pain. This kitten seems to be in discomfort. Almost asking for help.

I wish I knew the backstory of this cat. I just don’t know it. The photo was on Twitter. I just think it is interesting from the standpoint of the face.


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