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Pictures of the saddest cat

Pictures of the saddest cat

Luhu has been around for a while now so this is not news. I was looking for some interesting pictures of cats and of course Luhu qualifies. It is hard to imagine a domestic...

Sad cat

Do cats feel sadness?

I’m referring to domestic cats. I’m sure that a lot of cat lovers will immediately respond by saying, yes, because they know that cats feel emotions. It’s a given that cats have emotions but...

Sad looking kitten

Picture of a gloomy kitten

[box background=#ADD8E6 align=left border=true border_rule=’border-css’ border_radius=4 color=#000 margin=1 padding=1 shadow=0 style=’style-rules’ width=95]You know how it is said that cats have this aloof demeanor and don’t really have a range of facial expressions. Well, do...

Spike was sad but in time he brightened up

Do abandoned cats get really sad?

Yes, is the common sense answer. We know with some certainty that cats feel at least the basic emotions of contentment and sadness (a lack of contentment). A domestic cat will miss his or...

Saddest Cat

Saddest Cat In The World

This is the saddest face on a cat that I have ever seen and I have seen many thousands of cats. That is not to say that tabby cat Luhu is actually sad! It...

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