Maine Coon cat became depressed after the pandemic

Maine Coon depression due to isolation resolved by adopting another Maine Coon cat. But whilst the problem entirely resolved? Domestic cats need the companionship of their human caregiver as well.

There is a story online today about a ginger tabby Maine Coon cat who became depressed when the Covid-19 lockdowns ended. The cat’s name is Mango. He’s male because nearly all ginger tabby domestic cats are males because the coat is sex-linked. He lives in Romania. His owner is Mady Mondan and partner. She …

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Actor recommends a human antidepressant for a pet who’s ‘addicted to TV’

Surprised Ben the Vet

This is weird on two counts for me. Ben the Vet listened in on a phone-in agony uncle radio show in which it seems an American actor, Paul Rudd, dished out advice to a women who was concerned that her dog was ‘addicted to television’. Sounds odd. How does she know? I mean her …

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As exercise alleviates depression in people why do we allow indoor cats to be inactive all day?

A shot of endorphins helps me get through my day. What about domestic cats?

You probably know this already. Exercise helps to alleviate depression. Going outside and walking within a natural landscape is also good to lift one’s mood. If you don’t know that already then you do now! And if you are cynical and don’t believe it, you haven’t got to go far online to confirm that …

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Picture of a gloomy kitten

Sad looking kitten

[box background=#ADD8E6 align=left border=true border_rule=’border-css’ border_radius=4 color=#000 margin=1 padding=1 shadow=0 style=’style-rules’ width=95]You know how it is said that cats have this aloof demeanor and don’t really have a range of facial expressions. Well, do you see what I see in this kitten’s face? I see a sad, gloomy cat. Her eyes are a bit …

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My Cat Seems Depressed

When people search for information about cat depression they are not sure whether a cat can become depressed – they often joke about it judging by funny cat pictures. People are also unsure about the symptoms of feline depression. However, when they search for information on the internet, sometimes they partly answer their own …

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