Pictures of Persian Cats

This is a page of pictures of Persian cats and some information about this ever-popular cat breed. The breed is both praised and criticised. Praised for its charms and criticised for its inbuilt health issues due to extreme selective breeding in the modern flat-faced variant. I think the breed has lost out because of the attitude of the US cat associations in continuing to support this extreme version. The Maine Coon has perhaps ovetaken the Persian in popularity.

The article is in several sections with links to the next at the base of each section.


This page is, as the title suggests, about pictures of Persians. This page is quite long so scroll down please. I have created a gallery. The pics are linked to attachment pages.

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6 thoughts on “Pictures of Persian Cats”

  1. Breeders of flat faced Persian cats should have their nostrils stitched shut for life. It’s only fair they breath as well as the cats they peddle.

  2. I wish this beautiful felines could replace our barbaric regime in Iran,i wish but sorry the cats do not speak French neither, i am so sorry.

    • Nice to hear from Iran. Thank you for visiting. I feel sorry for the people of Iran who have to put up with the horrendous government that is destroying the country. I have been to Iran at the time the Shah was in power.

      • Appreciate your wisdom,your understanding ,Sure !good old days .We are going through the darkest days in our entire old history.


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