Cats eat marijuana plants and owner finds them sprawled out on floor

Cats ate weed?
Cats ate weed? Screenshots from video and montage.
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The video explains it all. A couple of tabby cats apparently had eaten marijuana plants and ended up on the floor sprawled out as you can see in the video. You can forget catnip! It seems that this stuff is far more effective. The cats’ owner is unperturbed by what she sees and had the presence of mind to make a video which is doing quite well on the Internet. But this is potentially a cat health issue. That said, I am not convinced that the cats ate marijuana because weed does not have the same effect on pets as on people. It just looks good in the video.

My research on a website dedicated to marijuana smokers tells me that cats don’t get high on marijuana. They say that sometimes smokers, out of amusement, blow smoke in their cat or dog’s face. I have seen this before on the Internet.

Note: There’s conflicting information about the toxicity of THC to pets. Another webpage debunks statements about THC being toxic. “There has never been a single substantiated pet fatality due to cannabis”. I’ll let you decide and refer you to the page: please click here.

However, The Humane Society in Boulder confirms that pets don’t get high like people and that the effective chemical in marijuana, THC, can be toxic to cats and dogs.

It is toxic to the nervous system apparently and the symptoms are staggering, agitation and stupor. One of the dangers for pets in homes where the owner smokes or takes marijuana is that they can end up eating “edibles”. These are cookies or brownies containing marijuana.

If a pet does become poisoned by THC then the owner should report the matter to a veterinarian who, incidentally, is not obliged to report marijuana use to the police so there is no barrier to the owner in taking his or her cat to a veterinarian.

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