Pretty fantasy picture of a deer licking a domestic cat

This is a free-to-use fictional picture of a deer licking (cleaning) a domestic cat in a pretty garden surrounded by colourful flowers. Despite being a fantasy image, it is very much based in the real world. Wild deer can and do make impromptu friends with domestic cats who are allowed outside unsupervised in the countryside in the US.

I have seen genuine photos and videos of these sorts of temporary, interspecies friendships which are very touching. There is nothing better than a good interspecies relationship as it educates humankind on how different races of human can and should get along in peace and harmony. Sadly, the opposite happens all too often with bloodshed and misery.

Picture of a deer licking a domestic cat as they became impromptu friends
Picture of a deer licking a domestic cat as they became impromptu friends. The image is free to use under an unconditional Creative Commons license. Click on the image to go to the original and download it by right-clicking on it and saving it to your laptop commuter.
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As a little reminder of the obvious, by far the most common interspecies relationship/friendship is that between humans and cats and/or dogs.

The next most common is probably the very common friendship between cats and dogs. There are so many classic family homes where there is a cat and dog who are best friends; one supporting the other.

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