Owning your cat versus being in a relationship with your cat

Take the species out of the equation and you are left with a relationship with your cat rather than owning your cat.

It’s important in terms of high standards of cat caregiving to be in a proper relationship with your cat rather than believing that you own them. An attitude which allows a person to feel that they own their cat is not likely to lead to a relationship which promotes cat welfare in the best …

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Cat brings chained dog food

Cat brings food to chained dog

This is a story told in a picture. I don’t have more information. It is charming and I believe that it is probably true but I can’t vouch for it. The picture of the cat and dog is posted on the Quora.com website. I’ve turned it into an infographic image as it is very suitable for that form of publication. It is not that rare for cats to help dogs and vice versa. It is also cruel to chain dogs all their lives. Terribly cruel actually. It is done by people who are insensitive to the sentience of animals. It is the way they were raised, I guess. They don’t know better. It all comes down to education at the end of the day.

In some states of America permanently chaining dogs like this is banned. It is banned in the UK and it would be illegal to do this in the UK under more than one animal welfare law, the primary one being the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Any country with decent animal welfare laws that are properly enforced would not permit permanently chained dogs. Although most countries have animals welfare laws which would make dog chaining illegal, they do not enforce their laws with enough commitment and so it happens.

Below are some more articles on cats and dogs.

The meow translated into English

Cat meow translated into English

Do you want to know what the meow means in the English language? Here it is: “I require your immediate attention.” The meow is also spelled ‘miaow’. It always has the same basic message as stated. It is a general request. It normally means that the cat wants food as almost all cat caregivers …

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How did the cat become associated with witchcraft?

Witch's cat

The compact infographic below summarises how the humble and innocent cat became so unfairly associated with witchcraft. Once again, I rely on the best man or women on the matter of cat history and behavior: Dr Desmond Morris. Such clean writing and clarity of thought. He says that religious bigots, in this case Christians, …

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14 suggestions about domestic cats not using the litter box

It's not inappropriate elimination because for me it is appropriate to avoid the litter tray.

Introduction: The problem of domestic cats not using the litter box is the source of millions of articles. It is euphemistically called “inappropriate elimination”. It is an inaccurate description because from the cat’s standpoint it is entirely appropriate because there’s a reason behind their behaviour and this article sets out 14 different possible reasons. …

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Domesticated duck and cat in a violent brawl and it’s 50/50

Duck attacks cat inside home

This is a real bust-up between a domestic cat and a domesticated duck living the same home. It’s one of those households where the owners love to have lots of animals. Something sparked off this confrontation. Suddenly they became enemies and the fight looks more of less 50/50 to me. It is rather sad …

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Dog picked his kitten friend at a farm and they’ve been in love ever since

Cat and dog lovers, Twig and Meadow

It is said that this dog and cat behave like a reincarnated elderly couple of married humans. I think they’re better than that to be honest because often an elderly couple are not really in love anymore and certainly not as loving to each other as Meadow the dog and Twig the cat, chosen …

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