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  1. Wow thanks for sharing Kevin. I called my cat Red ‘Puffpuff’ when he got older and more puffy. He wasn’t a Maine Coon but he was similar in many ways. It’s terribly sad to lose a cat. It would seem it was not that long ago that Tiger died. I’m sure it is/was hard on you both. What a wonderful companion you have in Puffy. You love of cats really shows. I wish you and Puffy lots more time together. What a beautiful cat. Tiger too.

  2. Wow. An amazing story. My cat Nicky was actually my sister’s kitten. He being a Maine Coon, hated her hands on cuddle approach to cat ownership. He would come and hide behind my feet under the couch. I hid him several times before finally telling my sister the truth. After that she tried not to be so touchy feely and Nicky decided I was his boy. (I was 12). At 1 yr he was about 18 lbs. and who knows how long. He would come and climb on my chest, place both paws on my cheeks and then touch my nose with his cold, wet nose to wake me up! I just can’t believe how similar our Maine Coons are.

    Both kitties are gorgeous. I’m glad Puffy picked the right owner. 16 years! That is just amazing. Good for you.

  3. I loved your story Kevin, what gorgeous cats! Yes Puffy must have been lonely and it was really good of you to go back to the Shelter and adopt Tiger too.
    So sorry you lost Tiger, I hope you have Puffy around for a long time yet.
    Puffy’s ears reminded me of when I was vet nursing, we often got cats and dogs with haematomas of their ears, but usually just one ear.
    Our vets used to make a slit and drain the blood then sew a small button onto the wound so it didn’t fill up again, it always fascinated me. They’d come back and have the button taken off when the wound had healed.

  4. Thanks Kevin. I enjoyed your story. It has a tender, gentle and loving feel about it. Puffy looks big and a well loved cat. He has a very strong looking face. I like the bit about how important it was to have his sibling with him. This is something that people should recognise; that it is probably best to have two cats who are siblings. They can keep each other company and they will get along nicely.

    How did he damage his ears?

    • puffy and tiger used to play fight a lot.I’m not %100 sure but I think that while they were play fighting,tiger scrached puffys ears.puffy then developed a blood blister in his right ear,which I took him to the vet for and had that ear operated on.The left ear developed the same hematoma about a month later.I wanted to have that ear fixed,but the vet told me that he did’nt beleive it would benefit puffy to have another operation given his age and told me that it would not effect his health to leave the left ear alone.so I did’nt want to stress puffy out.so I left the left side alone.I do give him regular ear cleanings by using a cotton ball and some ear cleaning solution regurally.Puffy does not have ear mites.that was my first suspission when I noticed the first hematoma on his right ear….I want to thank you for giving the world the ability to see puffy and tiger and read their story….kevin R.

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