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purebred cat rescue - a white cat
Rescue cat – not a purebred cat but then all cats are equal photo ©fofurasfelinas
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This page deals with general purebred cat rescue. For specific cat breed rescue see contents (2). The locations are from the websites. Google maps are linked to show the location but they may not be the actual location of the cats. You’ll need to ask. For Yahoo Groups you’ll need to join Yahoo and then the group. Update: the page was written in about 2009 or so. Things change but there is still value in this page.

Purebred cat rescue is not about obtaining a purebred cat on the cheap. It is about saving a life. These lists are meant to be comprehensive but it is quite difficult to get a clear picture of cat rescue.


  1. List of purebred rescue operations in the USA and UK
  2. List of pages on this website concerned with specific cat breed rescue.
  3. Notes on why purebred rescue exists in the first place.

Purebred cat rescue (this includes the bigger non-purebred cat rescue operations as well, as you may find a purebred cat nonetheless) {Go to top of page}

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue – this appears to be the top purebred cat rescue in the USA. Their foster homes are located at northern Illinois, Kenosha, Racine, Burlington, Milwaukee, Madison and Oshkosh. All these links open to Google maps in a new window.

Purebred Cat breed Rescue – this is also an important website for purebred cat rescue. At least one of the organizations listed I am not convinced is real, however (see Sphynx rescue page). That said a useful site. They serve the USA nationwide listing purebred rescue centers. They are CFA affiliated or part of the

Purebred Plus Cat Rescue – both a network with their own website and a Yahoo Group (this group seems nicely active). They are located in the USA and operate in the greater northern California area. They don’t ship cats so you’ll need to visit. Their listed address is Vacaville, CA 95696 (Google map, new window).

Petfinder – this as you might know is a USA based coordinating web portal where a large number of rescue centers present their available cats. A lot of rescue groups have their listings “powered” by Petfinder. They deal with any cat so not exclusively purebred cat rescue.

Cat Purebred Rescue – located Seattle, WA.

Backdoor Friends Purebred Cat Rescue – located in Detroit and SE Michigan. They rescue adult cats.

Adopt a Pet – this is a highly active pet rehoming operation working with a large number of smaller rescue operations and poviding an internet presence for them. They are obviously not just about purebred cat rescue but with a large database and high activity, I’d expect some success. They say that 25% of dogs put to sleep in shelters are purebred. I don’t know the figure for cats. 7 million dogs and cats are killed in shelters each year in the USA. Let’s dwell on that…..

GCCF (UK) (welfare page) – this is the premier cat association in the UK. They have a welfare section that provides links to the various cat breed clubs. Cat clubs are concerned with promoting their breed and the breed’s welfare. They may be able to assist in finding a suitable purebred cat rescue organization.

Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (USA)- I found this on Flickr looking for creative commons pictures to illustrate this page. They have a Flickr presence and their own website. I saw some cats that looked like purebred cat rescue cats. Located in Denver 80203 (link opens new window to Google map). Flickr now it seems hosts video and this is one (non-purebred cat) from this society:

Yahoo Groups

Cat Classified – A Yahoo Group in which purebred cat breeders can make announcements including about rescue cats. Yahoo groups nearly always operate nationwide (presumed USA in this case but of course anyone in the world can join).

Paws of Gold Feline Rescue – Another Yahoo Group

Purebred Pals – A Yahoo Group – catchment area New York (the only purebred rescue in the state they say). It is for purebred dogs and cats.

Cats4Adoption – Yahoo Group – Handle both non-purebred and purebred. Not sure where located, probably nationwide USA.

Carolina Pet Rescue – A Yahoo Group – for both cats and dogs, purebred and not purebred. Location: Carolina.

Oregon cat Alliance – A Yahoo Group – Located Oregon – This group is a means to find people who would like to adopt or foster purebred cats or help generally.

Pu_R_R_S – The Purebred Rescue and Relocation Society. This is for rescuers of purebred cats. This is a Yahoo Group. You’ll need to join Yahoo and then the group. I am not sure how they operate except Yahoo Groups works by each memeber emailing all other members when they want to say something.

Breed Specific purebred cat rescue operations – lists. There will be some overlap on the following pages where you’ll see breed specific operations. Better an overlap than an ommission. {go to top of page}

Why Purebred rescue exists – these are entirely my thoughts, thinking aloud and playing devils advocate. {go to top of page}

It is sometimes hard for people outside the cat fancy to understand how purebred cats can end up as purebred cat rescue cases. Well, purebred or not they are still cats, the same as the rest. In fact, they are probably more likely to present problems to “buyers” especially the wildcat hybrids. Lets take the Bengal cat, a very popular cat, in the top 5 of popularity in the USA, I’d say.There are a lot of Bengal cat breeders. The Bengal has pros and cons. She is a wildcat hybrid (exotic). Their behavioris not quite typical of the classic mixed breed cat. It seems that on occassions people who adopt a wildcat hybrid are not entirely prepared to do all that is necessary to care for the cat. More input and thought as the correct environment is required in comparison to your standard moggie for example. This may result in mistakes being made in adoption.

purebred cat rescue
A rescue cat; not a purebred cat rescue but as I said they are all equal – photo is © sneakerdog

It could be argued that purebred cat breeders like suppliers of some top of the range products should (and perhaps some do) provide lifetime back up care and assistance.

The buck starts and stops with the breeder and the new keeper. The breeder decides to create the cat. She decides to whom she should sell. She controls the breeding standards for her cattery. She provides the after care (or not). Where profit takes precedence over care the breeder will pass the buck of a problem cat (ill or behavioral problems) to the “buyer”. The buyer will sometimes be unable or unwilling to cope. Although, in defense, it can be hard, I am sure, for a breeder to be certain that the buyer is suitable.

Bottom line? We are producing a living, loving creature. A fine vulnerable creature. If we do this both the buyer and seller should take full responsibilty for the life of the cat.

Once “sold” the cat is the responsibility of the new keeper for the life of the cat, for better or worse. If there is a problem that falls to the cat breeder to resolve then resolve it she must. If the buyer cannot truly commit to a life time of care for their cat she/he should walk away. Perhaps some “buyers” are feeding the breeding market. If all the buyers were always totally responsible there would be less buyers and therefore less cats bred. Then there would be less feral cats too (although the breeding of purebred cats is not the root cause of the feral cat problem in the USA).

I have always thought that the cat associations should show more guidance and leadership on the issue of cat breeding and cat care. They have the chance to dictate terms and improve the lives of cats and control breeders more effectively. It seems to me that this doesn’t happen. Their focus is on the breed standard and managing shows. The more important issues are wider and deeper.

I seems that the rescue centers know the irresponsible cat breeders but are unable to do much if anything about it. They silently pick up the pieces.

purebred cat rescue
photo ©fofurafelinas

This is the story about this rescue kitten a non-purebred cat. The photograph is taken by a well known and talented Flickr photographer whose photographs I have published a lot on this sit. She also rescues cats. She has a connection with or works in cat rescue. This cat is one of 6 offspring of a feral cat that fofurafelinas knew about and saw as pregnant and then not pregnant. Having seen this cat’s mother no longer pregnant she tracked down the litter and was able to get assistance from a stranger to climb a fence and capture all 6. They are now (or were) in her home with the mother. This was in about November 2007. Fofurasfelinas (Giane Portal) is a star.

How big is the problem of irresponsible cat breeding? I don’t know but some say it is a big problem and if that is the case organizations such as PETA and HSUS in the States have a right to criticize cat breeding. I don’t think that it is a big problem. Perhaps the major problem is irresponsible ownership.

Cat breeders shouldn’t be fighting these organizations but working together to find a compromise position that benefits the cats. Everything that is done is done for the cats. This is where commerce and domestic cats don’t mix really. It is interesting to think that HSUS and PETA are convinced that what they do they do for the benefit of animals. Cat breeders think the same. But the two are almost at war. Who is right? One thing is for sure, there are polarized views and it would be nice to find agreement.

Apparently the cat associations and societies have rules of ethics and guidance for breeders. These should be enforced against irresponsible breeders. I am not saying cat breeders are irresponsible – just some are and for the sake of the good ones the poor ones, big or small, should be weeded out.

One problem is cat health. If the cat becomes ill the new keeper might seek help from the breeder who sold the cat. It should be apparent from the illness as to whether it is the breeder’s responsibility to deal with it and the contract of sale should reflect this. The breeder should provide a contract that specifies that she takes care of certain illnesses that occur within a certain time frame as they would be illnesses that could only occur when the cat was in the care of the breeder.

A breeder may not take an ill cat back for fear of infecting cats in her care. She should have facilities to deal with an ill cat in any case as part of the breeding program, I would have thought, and if not she should have facilities to deal with returned and ill cats. This should be in the contract.

The good and responsible breeders are the victims of the bad ones. Perhaps there is a need for a ranking system, a feedback system, which is made public. Perhaps there should be a poll or league table as to who the good and bad are. We frequently see ranking for schools and universities. When it comes to producing animals only the highest standards will suffice. This is a different ball came to producing inanimate objects.

Note: In this article I have adopted “she” as a fictional cat breeder. This is because a lot of cat breeders are women but this prefix refers to both sexes.

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

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  1. My husband & I would love to adopt a Russian Blue kitten. If you have any or know of any we would appreciate your help. We live in Belleville, Illinois and this breed seems hard to find.

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