Renter pays $1,500 a month for his daughters cats to live in a Silicon Valley studio apartment

A man in the Silicon Valley (San Jose) is paying $1,500 a month for a studio apartment for his daughter’s cats. The pair of Maine Coon’s, Tina and Louise (after character’s on Bob’s Burgers)  now have their own place since owner Troy Good couldn’t keep them in his home.


Silicon Valley has astronomical rents and residents treat their pets like children. We can now add apartment living to the pet-friendly offices, doggy daycare and doggy massage clinics.

Landlord David Callisch told news media about how he had a room in his home he was looking to rent out and the opportunity arose (be sure to watch the video where Callisch explains the situation in full).

“Basically I’ve got two renters that don’t have opposable thumbs. It’s actually great. They’re very quiet, obviously. The only problem is they stink up the place.

Silicon Valley has a lot of inequality where there are many homeless on one end of the spectrum and cats with their own residence on the other.

CEO of Destination Home Jennifer Loving works for an organization to end homelessness in Santa Clara County.

“While this story is funny, it really does highlight the tremendous inequity in the Silicon Valley. We have thousands of people on our streets, and we’re paying to make sure that our cats have a place to live.”

Landlord Callisch enjoys having the cats compared to human tenants. He feels bad for people who have to live in their cars or in RV’s or tents but when the situation came up and his friend asked for his help he accepted the offer.

Will this become the norm now that one person has made international news with his spoiled pets? In Silicon Valley, anything can happen.

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