Someone checks on cat every two days while owner on holiday for 3 weeks. Good or bad?

This video sparked a lot of discussion after I posted a comment several months ago in which I stated that the cat’s owner should have done better. This is what I said:

Sorry, but I disagree with what you did, namely, leaving your cat in your home for 3 weeks while you were on holiday and arranging for someone to look in every 2 days. That is not good enough as far as I’m concerned and I feel sorry for your cat.

The owner says this under her video:

My cat’s “welcome home” show after I returned from a 3 weeks holiday. He was not hungry or sick, since I arranged for someone to check in on him every couple of days. I guess he was just happy to see me…

Since the argument in the comments section she has added more details to assuage criticism which I had sparked off.

A lot of people commenting insulted me (typical of YouTube visitors many of whom are frankly ignorant) but some supported me. Here are some examples of the comments:

Jade says: cats are not kids, get a life, animal lover

David says: I totally agree. Some people are under the false impression that cat’s aren’t sociable animals like dogs. Leaving a cat alone for 3 weeks is ridiculous. A visitor every couple of days to feed the cat and check the litter box is just wrong. If your to cheap to pay for full time care, then you shouldn’t have a pet.

Ocelot girl: Dude, I’ve read all of your comments in the conversation you had with AstrialCOW, you’re seriously acting like leaving a healthy cat, (who had food and someone to look after him) alone in a relatively big apartment for 3 weeks is the same as leaving him locked in a kettle for 3 weeks. Honestly, I’m a HUGE animal lover too and I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Garen: That isn’t enough? How is that, can you tell me? Cats are felines. There are maybe dozens of cats around my house and they’re breeding like a prague, no one is feeding or taking care of them, because they can actually live by themselves. A cat doesn’t even need an owner at all, and even if it’s a lame cat overindulged by owners like you they still have in their DNA the instincts needed to survive just fine. Stop treating animals like pussies, and most of all , stop acting like they give a shit about their owners lol. They are just smart enough to know you’re a useful tool. No friendship, cats don’t know such thing.

So what do you think? I’ll tell you what I think. There is a quite a lot of ignorance in the world and lot of it is on YouTube. The attitude of many visitors to YouTube is symptomatic of the ignorance in the world generally. But I am asking too much? I am setting too high a standard?

In relation to cats this shallow attitude and endemic ignorance is revealed in a love of “funny cat videos” and cats fighting and getting hurt with a contemptuous disregard for more serious but more important videos about cats such as those concerned with cat welfare which the majority of visitors conveniently ignore.

I am not saying this person was abusing her cat. I was stating that if you are a cat owner and you live in an apartment and you go away for 3 weeks you need to do better in respect of caretaking for your cat than merely asking a friend to pop in to your apartment to check up on your cat every other day. That does not work for me.

Perhaps this is a question of standards. We each have our own. The standards of many cat owners is too low. There needs to be improvements.

32 thoughts on “Someone checks on cat every two days while owner on holiday for 3 weeks. Good or bad?”

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    ‘So many people believe that cats (particularly ferals) are self-reliant and can survive without human intervention. That is completely false, if they are to stay healthy. They may be keen hunters, but they can’t sustain themselves a very long time depending on their own skills.’

    Unless urbanites are thumbs down on ferals, legislation perhaps could be passed to assist kindhearted people who, entirely on their own, take upon themselves the financial burden of caring for these cats. (Martha Kane is another.) With zero assistance from the city or state government, they shouldn’t have to step into the shoes of callous, irresponsible people any more than they should have to feed and care for negligent parents’ half-starved children roaming the neighborhood, looking for a handout.

    If it could be voted into law, public taxation shouldn’t be that onerous for the cities and townships, and it would partly recompense people who, out-of-pocket, are paying to help these cats with not an ounce of support from anyone, much less recognition for all their generosity.

    Moreover, no city-bred cat can catch everything it needs to survive. It’s never happened, despite people who pride themselves in contradicting this glaring reality – emaciated as their cats are, even during the height of spring and summer.


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