Sphynx Cat Features In ‘Pet Graveyard’ Film

Sphynx cat features in film Pet Graveyard
Sphynx cat features in film Pet Graveyard
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There are a lot of pages on the Sphynx cat on this website. You can see a range of them by clicking on this link. To see a definitive single page please click on this link.

The author on the dreadcentral.com website says. “Hairless cats are scary, no matter what the context. Those suckers have always given me the creeps”. Well, do you agree with that?

The director of the movie seems to agree which is why they used a cat of this breed for the movie. I have never regarded the Sphynx cat as scary. A little strange, yes. And it is questionable whether this cat breed should have been created because hairlessness is a defect in a strict sense. It may be interesting and different which is why the breed was created from a genetic mutation but it leaves the cat vulnerable to climatic conditions and therefore has to be an indoor cat.

But scary? No, I don’t think so. In all the time I have read about this unusual cat breed I have never seen anyone refer to a hairless cat as scary. The Sphynx is intelligent and there is a group of aficionados who are great fans of the breed.

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