Stacey is a registered vet technician who has an adorable encounter with a cat during an exam

Charming video of cat at vet’s tells us that not all cats are anxious in the consulting room.

Cat has nice time at the vet's clinic with vet tech
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Cat has nice time at the vet’s clinic with vet tech

This is the way all cat/vet encounters should be except they can’t because the vet tech discovered that she could make her patient happy by petting. And remember someone was filming it which means that this is a ‘performance’ of sorts. The vet tech is charming but she’s just doing stuff to the cat which is very enjoyable as opposed to doing tough medical stuff. It is a nice video though and it has been seen only 166 times at the date of this post.

He/she is a really cute, laidback cat because he was in the consultation room for treatment so he’d normally be anxious but this is not what happened for this cat.

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