Veterinary staffer wrote F word expletive in bold marker pen on dying cat’s incubator for all to see

Dying cat in incubator

NEWS AND COMMENT – Beckenham, Greater London, UK: This is shocking to me and many others. I’ll start with the picture which tells the entire story, actually. I don’t need to add many words because you can guess what is going on. The problem is I can’t publish the photo on this page as …

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Veterinarians should use their brains and not fight cats

Veterinarians told to not fight cats in consulting rooms

This tweet has gone viral and you can see why. It is both amusing and wise. It is advice provided, I am guessing, from a veterinary association or head vet, which states under “Handling: General considerations”: “The cat is faster and has sharper teeth and nails than you do. It has no “code of …

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Black cat brought back from death’s door who now nurses sick cats

Nursing cat

This is an interesting story of a black cat in Poland who is described as angelic.  His name is Radamenes. He went through a lot with a respiratory infection and we’re told he was at death’s door and about to be euthanised but was returned to good health at a veterinary centre where he …

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