Stunning young Bengal curls up around owner’s head and suckles on her cheek

Stunning young Bengal curls up around owner's head and suckles on her cheek

Stunning young Bengal curls up around owner’s head and suckles on her cheek. Screenshot.

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This video is cute which is what it is meant to be but there is a serious side to it. It looks like a case of early weaning as this stunning Bengal cat from the Mother of Bengals TikTok page suckles on the attractive lady’s cheek. She finds it amusing but a little too much which is why she moves away from the suckling. I can understand it although from the cat’s perspective it will be puzzling as he thinks he is at his mother’s breast feeding. So why is mom pulling away?

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    30 years ago I found a sick and hungry tiny black and white kitten who grew up suckling my ear lobe. He’d wake me up at night sucking, lol. He did it his whole life, nothing I did made him stop.

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